Latest BC PNP Draw; PGWP Eligibility Criteria Updated

Today’s news update is about the Canadian province, British Columbia, issuing invitations to apply to over 215 candidates. Other than that, IRCC has also updated the eligibility criteria of post-graduation work permit (PGWP) program. Let’s go over these updates below!

Latest BC PNP Draw- 23 Jan 2024

British Columbia has conducted another draw this month and this time, it sent out invitations to more than 215 candidates. 

These candidates are invited through either general or targeted draws. The largest number of candidates are from the General draw type, which is 79. The minimum score needed for this draw type was 98. 

The other candidates invited with the minimum score are:

  • Childcare- 66 candidates; 60 minimum score
  • Healthcare- 36 candidates; 60 minimum score
  • Construction- 34 candidates; 75 minimum score
  • Veterinary Care- less than 5 candidates; 60 minimum score

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IRCC Updates PGWP Eligibility Criteria

IRCC’s Minister, Marc Miller, announced on 22nd January a temporary cap on international students intake for 2024. The cap will help in increasing sustainable growth of foreign students community in Canada.

Along with this, he also mentioned that the eligibility requirements for the PGWP program will also be updated. The exact update says that beginning 1st September 2024, any foreign student who is pursuing a specific study program which is part of the curriculum licensing agreement will not be eligible to obtain a PGWP once they graduate. 

In simpler words, if a student is studying at a private college and that college is in a licensed agreement with a public college, the student won’t be eligible for a PGWP. 

This is because such private colleges have less oversight and so they act as a loophole in PGWP eligibility criteria. 

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