OINP sent out 1,481 invitations to apply for PR in latest draws

Ontario conducted its latest draws on 24 January 2024 in which it invited a total of 1,481 candidates. The overall lowest score of these rounds of draws was 45 points. 

OINP Latest Draw: ITAs for EMPP

Ontario has invited about 12 candidates from the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) to apply for permanent residency. These invitations were issued under the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream. 

The EMPP is an incredible project that helps eligible refugees with adequate skills and work experience resettle in Canada. In this way, the pilot program helps employers in Canada hire eligible refugees and reduce labor shortage. At the same time, it also helps refugees resettle in a safe environment. 


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OINP Latest Draw: ITAs for Masters & PhD Graduate Stream

The other rounds of the latest OINP draw invited candidates from the Masters and PhD graduate streams. 

Ontario sent out 1,344 invitations to candidates from the Master’s stream. To receive an invitation, candidates must have scored 50 points or above. 

On the other hand, 125 candidates were invited from the PhD Graduate stream if they scored 45 points or above. 

Both the draws were of general type and did not target specific categories. 

The Master’s stream gives a chance to foreign students who have done their Masters from an Ontario university. Such students may be eligible to apply for residency in Ontario. 

Similarly, the PhD Graduate stream allows international students who graduated with an Ontario PhD degree an opportunity to apply for residency in the province. 

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