Manitoba’s Second PNP Draw of 2024; 275 nominations issued

Manitoba conducted its second draw of this year on 25 January in which it sent out 275 nominations to candidates. The draw sent nominations to candidates through Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas, and International Education Stream. 

Latest Manitoba PNP Draw- 25 Jan 2024

The latest MPNP draw issued 275 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) for permanent residency. The lowest-ranking candidate scored 713 points out of 1,000 EOI points. 

LAAs were issued to candidates through the Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas, and International Education Stream. 

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156 LAAs were for candidates in the Completed Post-Secondary Study in Manitoba category of the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream. The lowest-ranking candidate had a score of 772 points.  

From the Skilled Worker Overseas stream, 41 LAA were sent out; the lowest ranking candidate scored 713 points. 

As for the International Education Stream, 78 profiles were issued letters of advice to apply that met the eligibility criteria of the stream. 

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    Usually, Manitoba issues LAAs every Thursday, just as it did on 14, 21, and 28 December 2023. The same was expected in this month as well that MPNP would hold a draw on 4, 11, 18, and 25 January 2024. However, that wasn’t the case. 

    The Canadian province issued LAA on 11 and 25 January only so far. Upon this analysis, it might not be wrong to presume that the province would only be inviting candidates twice a month from now on. 

    In any given situation, no one can say anything for sure until we see further rounds of draws and the pattern in which they are being conducted. 

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