Latest Express Entry Draw 250

Latest Express Entry Draws 250

The Latest Express Entry Draw 250 is here, and this time the invitations to apply are 4,800! Compared to last time, the CRS score dropped to 2 points, it’s 486 this time. 

IRCC holds Express Entry draws usually twice a month, generally on Wednesdays. The latest draws were conducted on 8th June, 2023. 

If you receive an invitation in this draw, you can get Canada PR and then find yourself one from many jobs in abroad for Indians . 

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About the Latest Express Entry Draw

Express Entry Draw: 250

Draw type: All Program

ITAs issued: 4,800

CRS score cut-off: 486

Draw date: 08.06.2023

Draw day: Thursday 

Time of Draw: 12:08:58 UTC

This draw came out on 08 June, 2023. And, the CRS cut-off is 486. Individuals with this CRS score are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency. Express Entry draws are conducted often so that candidates can apply for Canadian permanent residency, and have the opportunity to stay and work in the country. 

The previous draw of 24th May, Wednesday, 2023, issued a total of 4,800. Moreover, the CRS cut-off was 488. This means that the lowest ranking candidate had a CRS score of only 488 points.

On top of that, the last draw was not program specific. This clarifies that candidates from any program could apply for permanent residency as long as they received an invitation and met the eligibility criteria. 

What is Express Entry? 

The Canadian government conducts Express Entry in which it calls such skilled workers that would be beneficial for the local economy to come to the country and work there. 

Also, candidates are ranked using a points-based system which is the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. And from that whole pool, only a few profiles are selected based on their eligibility requirements. The candidates with the highest ranking then receive an invitation to apply for PR or permanent residence in Canada. 

These invitation rounds have some instructions. Anyone can look for these instructions online when the draw comes up, and then these instructions are used to invite candidates. 

These instructions consists of:-

  • Invitation round’s date and time
  • How many candidates received ITAs
  • names of immigration programs to invite candidates 

You can check your scores then look for the CRS cut off to see if you can apply for Canadian PR visa or not.

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