Manitoba Draws- A Chance to Apply for PR for 540 Candidates

Manitoba Draws-  A Chance to Apply for PR for 540 Candidates

The government of Manitoba issued a number of Letters of Advice to Apply for permanent residence to candidates under various streams. On 15th June, these Manitoba draws were conducted. And how many candidates receive Letters of Advice to Apply? 540!

Under this draw, candidates from several streams such as Skilled Workers, International Education Stream, and Skilled Workers Overseas were invited. 

Let’s dig deeper below! 

Expression of Interest draws of Manitoba 

Date: 15 June, 2023

Total Letters of Advice to Apply: 540

Streams: Skilled Workers, International Education Stream, Skilled Workers Overseas 

Minimum Score: Skilled Workers- 602, Skilled Workers Overseas- 718

Under the Skilled Worker category or stream, there are two separate subcategories. The first is for those candidates who are chosen specifically to reduce the labor shortage of the province. This one is called Occupation Specific Selection. 

And the second category is from where almost all workers are invited. The latter subcategory is called All Occupations. This one is basically for those who weren’t invited under the Occupation-Specific Selection. 

So, under the former subcategory, a total of 255 letters of advice went out and the candidate with the lowest ranking score had a score of 602. 

NOC codes invited under Occupation Specific Selection were:-

  • 72 – Technical trades and transportation officers and controllers
  • 731 – General construction trades
  • 732 – Building maintenance installers, servicers and repairers
  • 734 – Operators, drillers and blasters

Under the latter subcategory, that is All Occupations, 205 candidates received letters of advice. And the minimum score for this subcategory was 665. 

Under the International Education Stream, around 59 candidates received invitations. Though there is no minimum score required for further process here, still the candidates who were shortlisted all had to be eligible first. 

The last stream from which letters of advice were issued were Skilled Workers Overseas. Number of letters of advice to apply are 21, while the minimum score is 718. 

Why are Individuals Invited?

Why do you think these people received invitations to apply to become permanent residents of Manitoba? Well, because these individuals must have submitted an application showing an interest. An interest to gain residency in Manitoba. 

However, getting residency is easier said than done. Do you know what an individual has to do to register themselves? Well, they create a profile where they prove that they would be beneficial for the local economy of Manitoba. 

While creating a profile, they also get to know if they are eligible for the draws or not. There are several categories that determine eligibility for PR of Manitoba. 

And after creating a profile, they submit it and hence it shows their Expression of Interest (EOI). 

But why did these individuals want to live in Manitoba? Because there are many job opportunities. Due to a huge number of job availability, these candidates submitted EOIs so they could be invited to work in the province. To do so, they are given permanent residency in the province! 

If you are thinking of doing so too, you could simply apply for a Canadian work visa and get to live anywhere in Canada of your choice! 

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