Fraser to Issue Temporary Resident Permit to Students, No Deport!

Fraser to Issue Temporary Resident Permit to Students, No Deport!

Recently, Sean Fraser, the immigration minister of Canada, made a statement on the matters of international student fraud. Fraser to issue Temporary Resident Permit to students who are facing deportation but had no ill Intentions give some relief.

Hundreds of students in Canada are facing deportation since it came to light that their college admission letters were fake. However, many of them went to Canada to genuinely study.

This is why the IRCC Minister, the honorable Sean Fraser stated that there will be strict investigations. And if a student is not involved in any fraud, then they will not face deportation. 

What’s the matter about? 

The value of international students is much more in the eyes of the minister of immigration in Canada. When it comes to getting justice for the victims of fraud, he is always in a leading role. 

Since the matters of scams foreign students’ fake college admission letters emerged, he has been closely working with authorities. 

And so, in a recent statement, he has shown full support to the victims of the fraud, that is to those students facing deportation. 

The whole matter around some bad people who took advantage of those in need to enter Canada for study, work, visit, or living purposes. Now, the thing is, these people, or rather immigrants, were taken advantage of as later on, it was found that they have fake documentation. Without concrete evidence to prove their innocence, all of them received deportation letters. 

However, ome were involved with the actual criminals. While some even took advantage of the immigration programs and came to Canada to work under the pretense of study. 

Hence, it is of utmost importance to separate the needle from hay, meaning to find the culprits and free the innocents. 

What did the Minister say?

On this whole matter, the IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser said, “… I have already struck a taskforce of my officials and have asked them to work closely with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to identify the victims of fraud…” 

Further, he assured, ” I want to make it clear that international students who are not found to be involved in fraud will not face deportation.” 

Hence, those students who only came to Canada with the intention of studying there, and were not aware that their immigration consultant used fake documents will receive a Temporary Resident Permit. 

Usually, when matters of misrepresentation occur, the individual cannot enter Canada for about 5 years, however, this will not be the case with innocent students this time. 

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