More Homes in Canada under Interim Housing Assistance Program

More Homes in Canada under Interim Housing Assistance Program

Recently, the Immigration Minister of Canada, Sean Fraser, made an announcement to invest in the Interim Housing Assistance Program. This investment will help build more houses in Canada for the refugees or those who seek asylum. There will be a one time investment of $212 million in the Interim Housing Assistance Program. This is to build more homes for asylum seekers, and it will be extended till 31st March, 2024. 

Many know the answer to how to apply for Canada immigration now, and that’s one of the reasons why immigration to Canada is gaining popularity. As immigrants in Canada has been increasing, it is important for the country to grow its resources too. And with a rapidly increasing number of refugees and immigrants settling down in Canada, the government has to build more houses to cope with the situation. 

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Investment in Interim Housing Assistance Program 

The federal government of Canada has announced a one-time investment of $212 million to build houses for the refugees. The Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) is extended till the end of March, 2024. From this investment, around $97 million will go towards Toronto to build more accommodation. 

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Through the IHAP, provinces and municipalities in Canada will receive funding on a cost-sharing basis. And using this investment, the provinces would be able to build interim houses for the asylum claimants. 

This funding of $212 million was made in addition to the previous funding of $700 million in the same Interim Housing Assistance Program. And this included around $215 million for the city of Toronto. 

How Will the Investment Help?

This investment will surely benefit the asylum seekers so they won’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads. Canada is a country that is mostly built by immigration. Immigrants coming to Canada shape its economy as they are constantly contributing to its growth. 

So, as more and more immigrants are coming to Canada, it is not only the responsibility of the provincial governments to build more houses, but also the duty of the federal government to assist the provincial governments. 

This is why the Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said on 18 July,” Today, we have committed additional funds to ensure cities like Toronto have the capacity to keep a roof over the head of asylum seekers fleeing violence, war and persecution.”

Since Toronto is the most popular city of Canada, it is obvious that the immigrants also favor the city. This means, a huge number of immigrants choose to live in Toronto which just increases the pressure of building more houses for the city. 

However, with this new investment, it is sure that a lot of refugees as well as asylum seekers will benefit. 

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