Mother’s Day: 56 year old mom who Became Governor After Leaving her Home!

Who would not love their mother? Everyone does. So, on this Mother’s day we will tell you an inspiring story of Michaëlle Jean, a mother of three. Who inspires us to do something different in our life. Don’t miss this inspiring story. So, fasten your seatbelt and join us with the story of a 56 year old mom who became governor after leaving her home! Let’s get started!

Know about Michaëlle Jean

Michalle Jean, a woman of action and vision, has shown firm dedication to promoting peace, especially against terrorism, radicalization, and extremism. Humanistic principles, boldness, tenacity, and unwavering optimism and creativity are trademarks of her personality. 

Michalle Jean is Canada’s 27th Governor General and Commander-in-Chief, having been sworn in on September 27, 2005, for a five-year term. As soon as her mandate expired on October 1st, 2010, the United Nations immediately appointed her as UNESCO Special Envoy to support reconstruction efforts in Haiti, her birth country devastated that same year by a powerful earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands and injured and displaced many more. 

Michaëlle Jean: A Refugee Success Story

Michalle Jean said: In the late 1960s, my family, like hundreds of other Haitian families, was forced to leave the violence of the Duvalier government. It was a life-or-death situation for individuals who opposed the dictatorship on a daily basis.

She further said I was just a kid, but I remember friends and neighbors being harassed and some disappearing. My father was taken into custody and abused. I recall his mutilated, wounded body being dumped on our porch as a warning to everyone. We needed to leave the nation for our own safety, so my father requested for refugee status, and Canada gave us refugee status. 

Political Powers

Most likely, historians will remember Jean for her political work, which is something that very few previous governors general are known for. She cut short a vacation to Europe in 2008 due to an Ottawa political crisis. Threatening to overthrow Stephen Harper’s minority government and install their own alliance.

Although he thought it was a routine procedure, Harper went to visit Jean at Rideau Hall in the hopes that she would approve his request.

In an interview with The Hour on June 9, 2009, she stated, “It wasn’t an easy decision.” The prime minister was kept waiting for more than two hours as she made her decision after consulting constitutional experts.

Michaëlle Jean as a Mother

She married French-born Canadian director Jean-Daniel Lafond, and the pair adopted an orphaned girl from Jacmel as their daughter, Marie-Éden. Jean has two stepdaughters from her marriage to Lafond.

She is a great mother and also she raised her daughters and gave them the best education. 

She faced a lot of ups and downs in her life. Despite this, she never gave up and did her best in every stage of life as well as she gave the best upbringing to her daughters. So, why shouldn’t we remember her on Mother’s Day!

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