PGP Sponsorship 2024 Intake: Sponsors will be invited starting 21 May

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will begin sending out invitations to apply to potential sponsors beginning 21 May 2024. These sponsors will then be able to sponsor their parents and grandparents. Once a sponsor is invited to apply, the sponsee can start filing out the Canada PR application and submit both the sponsorship application and the permanent residency application at the same time through the Family Sponsorship Program

The 2024 intake will start 21 May and last for two whole weeks. During this time, IRCC is to send out 35,700 invitations to random potential sponsors who applied to apply for family visa in 2020. To be invited, a sponsor has to submit an interest to sponsor form to IRCC. Out of all invitations issued, IRCC will be accepting 20,500 complete applications. 

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If you are looking to sponsor your parents and grandparents, know that the Family Sponsorship program is not the only way. Do you know about the Super Visa? Though it’s a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), it lets a parent or a grandparent stay in Canada for 10 years!

The validity of the visa is 10 years and to take full advantage of the visa, your parent or grandparent can stay for 5 years maximum at a time. A super visa will let you visit Canada for more than once, meaning it’s a multiple visa. 

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