Quebec Draw Calls for 1,380+ French Proficient Skilled Workers


The Canadian province Quebec has conducted its latest draw in which it issued a total of 1,384 invitations to eligible candidates. The Quebec draw came out on 10 August, 2023. The lowest ranking candidate had a score of 591 points and most of the other candidates had a score above that. 

Quebec’s immigration policies differ from what the IRCC has planned for immigration for other provinces. This is because the government of Quebec and the Canadian Government has a signed agreement that permits Quebec to select immigrant intake and everything else related to it. 

Latest Quebec Draw

Date: 10 Aug, 2023

Invitations: 1,384

Minimum Score: 591

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Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Quebec to verify the numbers.


Candidates Received a Chance to get PR!  

Quebec has conducted its most recent draws on 10th August, Thursday. As mentioned above, the invitations were issued to those with a score of 591 points or above, and had level 7 in French oral proficiency or above. Moreover, these candidates had a valid job offer from outside the territory of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal. 

These candidates can directly apply for Quebec permanent residency since the province has separate immigration policies and so, it invites candidates directly. Before this, Quebec conducted the previous draw on 20 July 2023, where it gave PR opportunities to 1,633 candidates. 

Usually, Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program issues invitations every once a month, but there are instances where draws come out twice or even thrice a month. For example, in June, Quebec held two draws, while in March the draws came out three times. 

So, we cannot tell for sure if there will be another Quebec draw this month, but in case they come out, you would get the news from us. So, stay tuned for such updates! 

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