Quebec Employers Must Submit LMIA Application to Both Govts

Quebec employers now need to submit LMIA applications to both of the governments, otherwise it will not be accepted. Read the news for more.
Quebec Employers Must Submit LMIA Application to Both Govts_

According to the changes in NOC 2016, which is now NOC 2021, the conditions on how to submit LMIAs also changed. Now the employers in Quebec need to submit LMIA applications to both the provincial government as well as the federal government. There are some criterias that employers need to fulfill when hiring employees. Temporary foreign workers rights in Canada are there to provide safety to foreign nationals. 

Effects of NOC 2021 on Quebec

Recently, the government of Quebec released a list of occupations that would be eligible for the simplified version of LMIA.

Employers obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment so that they could hire temporary foreign laborers. The assessment is to assess the full process of hiring a worker. Moreover, the assessment analyzes and makes sure that the hired individual would not have a negative impact on Canada’s labor market.

The NOC changes made the employers in Quebec a requirement to submit the LMIAs to both the Quebec Government and the Canadian Government. In addition, the application needs to be “simultaneously” submitted, along with the required documents.

Furthermore, if an application is not submitted simultaneously, then it may face rejection.

Eligibility Criteria for Easy LMIA Processing

Employers must meet a few general requirements if they wish to hire temporary employees. Let’s see those eligibility needs now.
1. Compliance with Laws

Canadian employers must prove the following:

  • Employers should be able to meet all the conditions that they are including in the job offer.
  • They must offer a job that does not negatively affect Quebec’s labor market. 
  • Their business needs to be in Quebec. 
  • Employers are offering jobs because they legitimately need workers.

2. Competitive Job Conditions

Quebec employers are to provide the kind of working condition that is similar to what Canadian citizens or PRs face. Which means the working environment must be similar to the rest of Canada.

In the Labour Market Impact Assessment application, the job description should be there. The job description should be in a kind that reflects what people already in the field go through.

3. Health Insurance

The employers must provide free medical coverage to their workers. This coverage also consists of urgent care. The employee receives free medical coverage until they become eligible for the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec. 
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