Report Shows High Employment Rate in Canada

The employment rate in Canada is still as good looking as ever. The new report shows us the employment trends. Read to know more!

Report Shows High Employment Rate in Canada

In a recent work force survey, we got to know that the unemployment rate in Canada is still at 5%. This means that the employment rate in Canada is as high as ever. While working in Canada, you can have various benefits. Did you know even the temporary foreign workers rights in Canada are various? 

Latest Labor Force Survey

Recently, Statistics Canada released the Labor Force Survey, February 2023. This survey made us aware of the unemployment rates in Canada, which is still the same as 5%. This 5% is just a little high from the record low rates of 2022, which was at 4.9%. Only over 1 million people remained unemployed in Canada in February. What’s more is that it is basically the same as in January.

This unchanged unemployment rate is good news as this indicates that many people are receiving employment.

Moreover, employment remained unchanged among adults, or core-aged adults, along with just a tad bit of change in youth employment.

Women Employees

More and more women are entering the workforce each year. In February, the number of women in the labor force hiked up. Around 30,000 more women employees joined the workforce.

This is a good number for women all over the world. More women in the workforce means better gender equality. After seeing an increased number of women in different job industries, women feel empowered and get inspired to step up their game too.

Let’s see which provinces and territories are hiring more and more people.

  • PEI: In Prince Edward Island, 2% more people got jobs. This means that around 1,700 more individuals received employment.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 3,800 more job seekers received employment. In turn, the unemployment rate fell down 1.9%.
  • New Brunswick: 5,100 more people were employed in New Brunswick.
  • Manitoba: the employment rate saw an increase of 0.7%.

In these provinces and territories, the meaning of rising employment rate translates to more people being employed. As for immigrants, this is awesome news. They have more chances to get employment than ever. 

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