How to Renew Work Permit in Canada?

If you are wondering how to renew work permit in Canada, then you came across the right news for you. Let us guide you through this news.
How to Renew Work Permit in Canada

Your work permit expired? Wondering how to renew work permit in Canada? Think no more. In the news below, we will mention all about work permits and information related to it. But first, let us tell you a quick fact. Did you know that in 2022, a record breaking number of work permit in Canada got issued!

Do I need to renew my work permit?

If your work permit expired, then yes, you do need to get it renewed. However, do not worry, you may still work while IRCC is processing your renewal application.

Do you wish to make changes in your work permit? Or maybe the work permit is about to expire soon. In these cases, you are going to need to submit an application to get the permit renewed.

The application regarding renewal is submitted a minimum of 30 days before the permit expiration date. And, while IRCC is working on your application, you can stay in the nation.

Changed Conditions

When does the conditions of your work permit change? Well, it happens when there are certain changes in your current job. These changes might include some new responsibilities you got or maybe your income changed. Furthermore, it could be a different job proposal that you got or you might wish to work for a new employer.

Now, until your work permit gets updated with these new changes, you can not work for a new employer.

Having an open work permit gives you the opportunity to extend it for as long as you are eligible to work in Canada, while you have an open work permit.

Ways to Apply for Extension

You can easily apply online to change the conditions of your work permit or even to extend it.

When applying online, you are going to need digital copies of documents. After filing the application, you need to pay the processing fees too.

Now, before uploading the form, you are going to need to answer a few questions. Apart from that, do create an account so you can submit the application and check the status of your application. In case IRCC accepts the application, you may get an extension on the work permit or you may receive a work permit with new conditions updated.

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