Quebec Latest Draw Nominated 1,528 Candidates


The latest Quebec draw was held on 27 June 2024 by the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI). A total of 1,528 candidates were invited in this draw if they met the draw conditions. 

Quebec releases its draw information a bit later after conducting it. Hence, you will always find us announcing the latest Quebec draw information later on.

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Quebec Draw Details – 27 June 2024

The latest Quebec draw invited 1528 candidates to apply for permanent residency, if they met any one of the following set of requirements:

  1. Had at least level 7 in oral French language proficiency, and
  2. Scored at least 581 points


  1. Had a job outside the Metropolitan Montreal area, and
  2. Scored at least level 7 or higher in oral French proficiency 

Previous Quebec Draw

The previous Quebec draw (20 June 2024) had nominated 1470 candidates and the draw requirements were as follows:

  1. Meet French language requirements, and
  2. Score 585 points or above


  1. Meet language proficiency requirements, and
  2. Have a job offer for a job position offered outside the Metropolitan Community of Montreal

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