Canadian Provinces Issue Invitations in Latest Draws


The latest Canadian PNP draws were held by the provinces – British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. These three provinces have altogether issued over 1,613 invitations. Besides the BC PNP draw and the PEI PNP draw, Quebec conducted an EOI draw to nominate candidates for Canadian permanent residency. The draw details are mentioned below. 

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BC PNP Draw – 25 June 2024

British Columbia conducted its most recent draw on 25 June Tuesday, in which more than 68 candidates were invited. The province not only held a Skills Immigration draw but also an Entrepreneur Immigration draw on the same day. 


Skills Immigration Draw

The streams through which candidates are invited to apply are:

  1. Skilled Worker (including the EEBC option)
  2. International Graduate (including the EEBC option)
  3. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

Number of invites sent and the minimum score requirement are provided below:

  • General round – 35 invited, lowest score considered was 110
  • Childcare draw – 6 ITAs sent, 97 minimum score considered
  • Construction draw – 11 ITAs sent, same minimum score as childcare round
  • Healthcare round- 106 minimum score was considered, 11 invites were issued
  • Veterinary Care draw – 80 minimum score, and less than 5 invites were sent out

Entrepreneur Immigration Draw

Take a look at the table below for Entrepreneur Immigration draw information.

DateStreamMinimum ScoreITAs
25 June 2024Regional Pilot141<5

Prince Edward Island Draw – 24 June 2024

The Canadian province of PEI has held a draw after more than a month. Since its last draw on 2nd May, PEI PNP’s next draw was held on 24 June.


The total invites were 75 and all of them were issued to candidates to apply to the Labour and Express Entry category. Though there was no score requirement, candidates still had to meet the following criteria:

  • Invitations were issued to individuals in the Healthcare and Construction sectors, and
  • those with Work Permits in the Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries and Trucking, and Transport (the work permits must be expiring before October)

This draw brought a considerable change from the previous pattern of PEI PNP draws which usually followed its anticipated draw pattern already listed out by the province. The draw that was conducted on Wednesday actually was supposed to be held a week before, on 20th June, Thursday. 

However, this wasn’t the first time such a case has happened. Actually, PEI PNP was also supposed to hold a draw on 16th May but it did not issue any invitations. 

So, if PEI is deviating from its usual pattern of conducting draws, we might see such unusual activities happening again in future.  

Quebec EOI Draw – 20 June 2024


Quebec invited 1,470 candidates to apply to IRCC for permanent residency. This round of draw’s eligibility criteria were:

  • Scored Level 7 in French oral proficiency
  • A job offer outside the Metropolitan Community of Montreal


  • Scored at least 585 EOI points
  • Scored Level 7 in French oral proficiency

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