SINP Nomination: Govt Agrees to Increase Nomination Volume

At Saskatchewan’s request, the federal government agreed to increase SINP nominations to almost 42%. Read the whole news to know more.
SINP Nomination Govt Agrees to Increase Nomination Volume

In a recent meeting of the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI),  we saw that the SINP nominations were allowed an increased number of nominations. We also heard Minister Dunn to “Reduce wait times for immigration to Canada”. Both these make good news for immigration. Let’s take a deeper dig at the nomination updates below. 

What the Federal Government Said

Recently, the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration, FMRI, met and discussed the future of immigration.

SINP or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program nominations saw many immigration duplications in the processing, hence the federal government agreed on reducing it too. IRCC or the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada agreed to make changes in federal regulation along with the Canada-Saskatchewan Immigration Agreement.

Now, this amendment allows Saskatchewan to assess a candidate and see if they pass the eligibility criteria to settle in Saskatchewan. Furthermore, IRCC permitted Saskatchewan more annual allocations for 2023. This is a big win for the province, as it can now call for more immigrants to fill its labor gap.

This doesn’t end here, IRCC, further, agreed on increased allocations for the year of 2024 and 2025 too. These decisions are giving the province more and more autonomy over immigration.

However, these changes and increased allocations are not fully addressing the proposal that Saskatchewan presented. Still, this is a big step towards more autonomy over immigration for the province. Saskatchewan proposed these requests in the Saskatchewan Immigration Accord. Hence, according to the province, it is still going to continue asking for more authority over immigration.

About the Saskatchewan Immigration Accord

The Government of Saskatchewan proposed the Saskatchewan Immigration Accord in July, 2022. This accord is about Saskatchewan gaining more autonomy in the field of immigration. 

The agreement is based on the agreement between Quebec’s Government and Canada’s Government. What’s more is that this agreement will let the government of Saskatchewan to hold more authority in regards to setting its own immigration levels, selecting skilled workers according to what the labor market needs. 

Saskatchewan is in need of more workers, and it is time that it receives more allocations in the provincial program. Just waiting for the Federal immigration programs is not helping Saskatchewan anymore. The province needs more workers to fill its labor market, hence it needs more allocations.

In 2022, Saskatchewan used its federal allocations totally under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program. For the year 2023, Saskatchewan received the highest allocations ever in the history of Saskatchewan. Around 7,250 nominations Saskatchewan received in the latest allocations.

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