Minister Dunn to “Reduce Wait Times for Immigration to Canada”

Minister Dunn says on Express Entry and PNP to make it faster in process. Minister to "Reduce Wait Times for Immigration to Canada"
minister Arlene Dunn on modernization of PNP and Express Entry

Minister Dunn to “Reduce Wait Times for Immigration to Canada” in the most recent meeting of immigration. This will help to clear the backlog as soon as possible as per the Canadian government rules. This take of Minister Dunn will modernize the Express Entry and provincial nominee programs. These backlogs were bothering people who were applying for immigration to Canada in a timely manner.

Modernization of Express Entry and PNP

As we know, recently the Canadian government included truck drivers and bus drivers into the Express Entry programs as there was a need for such drivers in the nation. Just like that there has been one more update related to Express Entry. However, this time the update is for the provincial nominee program as well.

The minister Dunn, who is responsible for immigration in New Brunswick, said that the backlog will definitely clear up soon as people would be able to immigrate to Canada in a timely manner.

In the most recent meeting, which consisted of discussing immigration issues and their solutions, the idea of reducing the time taken to process the immigration process was mentioned.

In the last meeting, related to immigration, the aim was to make the immigration as effective as possible. This was so that the nation could meet its economic and regional needs. To increase the effectiveness of the system, it was necessary to increase the involvement of PNP as well.

In this meeting, the ministers aimed at the modernization of Express Entry. Also, they are aiming to provide the timely multi-year allocations before 31st March, 2023.

What’s a Multi-Year Program?

The first ever multi-year Atlantic Immigration Program plan and Provincial Nominee Program was declared. The plan is for the territories and provinces so that they could configure how many immigrants they need in the upcoming years in advance.

According to Arlene Dunn, this modernization will definitely help in the reduction of backlogs that IRCC faces. Along with this, the processing times would surely improve and the clients would meet their needs sooner.

This modernization would further reduce the duplication that occurs in the system. Moreover, this duplication was one of the reasons why there was a backlog in the system.

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