Canada Visitor Visa : IRCC clears the backlog of applications

Canada Visitor Visa IRCC clears the backlog of applications

Key Highlights

  1. IRCC Canada announced to clear the Canada visitor Visa applications backlogs by February 2023.
  2. Also, IRCC has a Strategy to ease eligibility criteria for the Canada visitor visa applicants, the decision will help nearly half a million applications for processing.
  3. They make 2 Strategies to reduce the wait times for Canada visitor visa applications
  4. IRCC will aggressively process around 195,000 applications in the first first approach and relieve the eligibility criteria for 450,000 candidates. 
  5. Foreign National applicants will easily convert their Visit Visa into Work permit without exiting Canada ( if they met the eligibility Criteria )
  6. Canada to start Flagpoling again to renew work or study permits that lead to Canada PR Process.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is in Form and announced aggressively to reduce its Canada visitor Visa backlogs of immigration applications by February 2023. This decision will help and ease eligibility requirements for nearly half a million visitor visas. 

IRCC released the strategy to reduce the number of Canada visitor visa applications, IRCC relies on two strategies to reduce the weightage of visitor visas.

Strategy 1 Strategy 2

The IRCC Department will process 195,000 applications. It includes a large number of applicants that requires a visitor visa to immigrate to Canada.

The IRCC Minister Sean Fraser would also ease some certain eligibility requirements for approx 450,000 applications. By this strategy, immigrants will not need to establish that they will leave Canada when their visitor visa expires. But, they will still be Cooperating to admissibility checks.

In Nov 2022, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are in miserable pressure to clear the massive backlog of applications. Last year there were more than 2.1 million applications in the IRCC system. IRCC has invested millions of dollars and hired a huge no. of new employees to make the processing capacity as fast as they can. 

Imitation refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) Minister Fraser Sean Said “ Canada is now processing visitor visa applications faster than it did even prior to the pandemic. Despite the progress we’ve seen, there is still much more to do in order to achieve pre-pandemic processing timelines” Mr. Fraser said. “We’re actually moving cases out of our system faster than they’re coming in, which gives me faith that we’re getting back on track.”

IRCC will covert Visit visa to Work Permit

A foreign national applicant will be able to apply for a work visa after expiring the Visit visa to stay in Canada when they meet specific eligibility criteria. That means the Visit Visa can be converted into a work permit without exiting to Canada.

Canada to start Flagpoling again

Flagpoling defines “ when Foreign Citizen returns to Canada Without entering the United States of America.” This decision will help in getting a new temporary residence stylist by applying for the renewal of study visa, work visa, or the Canada PR process. 

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