BC PNP Draws: The Province Calls for 274 More Skilled Workers

From the latest BC PNP draws that came out on 7th March, 2023, we got to know that around 274th candidates got ITA, as a chance to get PR.
BC PNP Draws: The Province Calls for 274 More Skilled Workers

BC PNP draws of 7th March brings good news for skilled professionals in the tech, childcare, and healthcare sectors. In the previous BC PNP draws, 28 Feb, there were only 246 invitations to apply, however, this time the number increased to 274 invitations to apply. To know the minimum score and how many candidates got invitations to apply from each sector, read the whole news!

About the BC PNP Draw Held on 7th March

As we know, the British Columbia provincial nominee programs usually come out on wednesdays, the last wednesday they again came. This time the province is calling 274 workers from different skill fields. British Columbia is in need of more tech professionals along with experts in the childcare and healthcare department. 

From the looks of these draws, British Columbia must be in a need of more tech workers. This is good news for foreign nationals specializing in the field.

This was a usual, general draw including two targeted draws. The general draw was for tech occupations, and the targeted one was for healthcare and childcare workers.

Minimum Scores

For the tech field skill professionals, the minimum score went till 85. As discussed before, the draw was a general one. From the general draws, around 229 candidates received invitations to apply. The stream from which these candidates are called for are International Graduate program, and also skilled workers from Express Entry category.

For the healthcare and childcare sectors, the minimum score that a candidate needs is 60.

If you are a foreign national who is looking for job opportunities in Canada, and if you are an expert or a professional in the field of healthcare, tech, and childcare, then this might be a good chance to think about immigrating to Canada. Immigrating to Canada is not a complex procedure, along with that there are many immigration pathways for you to choose from. Some of these pathways might suit you more than others, so go ahead and check your eligibility requirements. You might just go to Canada and change your life!

Know about the actual scores from the images given below. These images are taken from WelcomeBC.

Minimum Scores
BC PNP Draws
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