Is Canada the first choice of Indian People? – Indians in Canada

The number of Indians in Canada is increasing year by year. Let’s know what are the reasons behind this increasing number.
Is Canada the first choice of Indian People - Indians in Canada

The Indian immigrants in Canada are thriving in the nation. Indians going to Canada has increased since 2013. Now, the rate of Indians in Canada is triple fold, as compared to 2013.

Indian Population in Canada

Since 2013, the number of immigrants has more than tripled. Back in 2013, the number of Indian permanent residents was around 32,800. However, this number rose to 118,000 in 2022 only. This was an increase of almost 260%. And, the data came from an analysis of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Canada saw a huge number of Indian immigrants in 2022. Indians even beat the top countries from which immigrants come to the nation. These countries were China, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

Let’s take a look at the number of Indian immigrants coming to Canada year-wise. 

  • 2013- 32,800+
  • 2014- 38,300+
  • 2015- 39,300+
  • 2016- 39,700+
  • 2017- 51,500+
  • 2018- 69,900+
  • 2019- 85,500+
  • 2020- 42,800+
  • 2021- 127,900+
  • 2022- 118,000+

From the number above we can clearly see that the number stayed pretty stable. However, from 2017, there was a gradual increment in the rate of Indian immigrants coming to Canada. And, this increment only decreased due to COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, from 2021, the percentage of Indian immigrants only increased.

Reason for Increasing Number of Indian Immigrants

The first reason would be the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic went away, many heaved a huge sigh of relief. People could finally get back to work and live their lives outside their homes. Of course, the danger was still there, but it was still safer to continue their work, even outside the safe zone of homes.

The second reason why Indians are increasing in Canada is because back in 2015, Canada launched its awesome Express Entry.

Express Entry truly made the process of immigrating to Canada easier. Especially for skilled professionals, this immigration process is a gift. The typical visa processing time in Canada is around two weeks. However, the time could go up and down based on an individual case. The time frame provided here is for the most high-skilled temporary worker visas.

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