The Easiest Way to Get PR in Canada! Don’t Miss this Chance

The Easiest Way to Get PR in Canada! Don’t Miss this Chance

There are, indeed, several ways to get PR in Canada, however one of the simplest ways is via PGWP. A PGWP is a post-grad work permit that lets you stay in Canada, even after graduation. The students can use this permit to work in Canada and build their future. Additionally, there are many jobs for international students in Canada.

Use Your PGWP and get that PR!

Every year, Canada sees a rise in the number of foreign students using their PGWP to grab permanent residency in Canada.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit program lets an international student stay in Canada. However, the student must graduate from an eligible Canadian Designated Learning Institution or a DLI in order to extend their PGWP and start working.

The Government of Canada defines a DLI as “a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students.”

Why are students seeking PGWPs?

Currently, the nation is hosting more than 800,000 foreign students, and, obviously, they all have study permits. The data from Statistics Canada show why international students are choosing to do this. It is because this particular program allows the students to earn, as well as being an important tool to get permanent residency.

Number of PGWP holders rose significantly, and hence the Canadian government also witnessed a rise in the number of people in the labor force. This program is letting you, an international student, and others like you to become Canada’s permanent resident.

PGWPs are one of the main and simplest ways for foreign students to start working in Canada after graduation. These open work permits allow students to work under any Canadian employer for at least 3 years.

For those who are aiming for permanent residency, the work experience they would gain from working during their PGWP stay would help them immensely in future. Moreover many PR pathways reward individuals who have work experience, which leads to an easier PR process.

Hence, this is the reason why this program is so popular among international students. The success of PGWPs directly influences the chances of getting a permanent residence for the student.

From the blog we understand why the post-graduate work permit program is so famous among the foreign students. The permit program gives students a chance to get Canadian permanent residence. The student can extend their stay in the country, get some work experience and then apply for PR. Now, if this isn’t an easy way then we don’t know what is.

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