IRCC on Canada Visitor Visa: Work in Canada with a Visitor Visa

IRCC on Canada Visitor Visa- Work in Canada with a Visitor Visa

This announcement is very beneficial for all immigrants landing in Canada. They have an amazing opportunity to stay and work in Canada while they are on a visitor visa only. IRCC on Canada Visitor Visa now allows you to immigrate to Canada on a visitor Visa and work there.

Gvernment immigration authority, IRCC, has announced that visitor visa holders can now start working in Canada if they get any job offer while staying in Canada with visitor visa in hand. It is a historical decision of the Canadian government to give rebate in rules and regulations for people who want to work in Canada.

What IRCC says:

According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), if anybody gets a job offer in Canada but he or she has a visitor visa in hand then she or she can do a job without taking the stress of a work visa. But the condition is that the job offer should be a valid document. During this period, visitor visa holders with a job offer in hand can easily apply for a work permit that will be given as per the decision. 

How many days can we work with a visitor visa?

IRCC has taken this step after Covid-19 temporary public policy expired recently. In addition, this rule will be effective till February 28, 2025. During the effectiveness of this period, visitor visa holders will receive a work permit if they apply. 

Job opportunities in Canada

  1. 149,800 jobs in healthcare and social services sectors
  2. 108,000 accommodation and food services
  3. 100,200 jobs available in retail sector

Who will be eligible to apply under temporary public policy?

Applicants who can apply should pass some eligibility criteria. Let’s see them below:   
  • They should possess a valid Canada visit visa. 
  • They need to have a valid job offer. LMIA or an LMIA exemption should approve this job offer. 
  • The application or the candidate must be meeting all the admissibility criteria. 
  • The employer specific work permit needs to be submitted before 28 February, 2025.
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