IRCC Report: Canada has Become the Favorite Place of Indians

The new IRCC report shows us that Canada is, no doubt, the favorite place of Indians. Most of the immigrants come from there only.
Canada has Become the Favorite Place of Indians

Why is Canada the best choice for Indians? Well, the answer is simple, Canada is the favorite place of indians. Due to the high living standard it offers, along with a better income and other benefits, Canada is truly the kind of place where you should live.

New Canadian Citizens are Coming from Where?

Do you know where new and upcoming Canadian citizens are arriving from? If we take a look at the data of IRCC, we find that the new citizens of Canada are actually coming from a number of different countries.

Not only this, but the country is determined to invite more immigrants in the upcoming years. Canada will be inviting more than 1.45 million individuals via its immigration streams. The decision to invite more and more people through immigration is because the nation is in need of more workers to fill the labor needs of the market.

Canada would be able to invite these many immigrants in the upcoming three years. The nation is in need of so many newcomers in order to strengthen its economy. However, along with strengthening the economy, the country is also going to become more and more diversified.

If the nation wants to constantly be one of the best countries in the world, it has to continue inviting immigrants. Canada does not want the immigrants to stay as immigrants, in fact it even wants to allow them citizenship. When immigrants become citizens, it reflects the strong ties they must have with the society and the country. Apart from this, if an immigrant is becoming a citizen, it means they must have the best interest of the country in their hearts, that’s why they wish to continue helping in the development of the country.

Now, let’s see where these immigrants are coming from.

Most Immigrants Came From Here

In the year 2022, Canada granted citizenship to around 374,550+ permanent residents. In 2021, only around 137,000+ permanent residents became citizens of Canada. This increase in the number of transitions is a good indication for the economy of Canada. After the pandemic, Canada started inviting immigrants properly so that it could regrow its economy, and get back to functioning as it used to before the pandemic.

Most of the citizens that transitioned from being only permanent residents, came from India. Following India was the Philippines and after that only Syria.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries of new citizens.

  1. India
  2. Philippines
  3. Syria
  4. Pakistan
  5. Iran
  6. Nigeria
  7. People’s Republic of China
  8. United States of America
  9. France
  10. Iraq
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