TFW’s Dependent Children of age Eligible for Work Permit Now

Canada recently announced that Temporary Foreign Workers’ dependent children of age will now be eligible to get work permit in Canada. Through this new measure, Canada aims to fight labour shortages as more workers would be able to join the labour market. There are certain requirements for the family members of those dependent children who want to apply for a work permit. And, dependent children needs to be eligible too for this measure. 

All in all, this measure means good news for the labour market of Canada. More individuals to work, better the chances of overcoming labour shortages. So, if you are a dependent child looking for how to get that Canada visa so you could work there, well, just read on, and you’ll know it! 

What’s the news about? 

So, the new measure announced by the Government of Canada recently allows those children of Temporary Foreign Workers who are dependent to get work permits. The new policy works both for family reunification as well as tackling labor shortages.

Before this, dependent children were of course not eligible for this measure and hence, work permits were only available for spouses and family members of the main applicant. Moreover, these applicants must be either international students or they could be in highly skilled occupations. 

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Who is Eligible?

This policy will work towards reunifying family members by giving dependent children of age an opportunity to work in Canada. The dependent children could be yours, your spouse’s or even your common-law partner’s. The thing is their dependee should have a work permit and their job should be in any TEER category. Or they could also be an open work permit holder; the main applicant of TFWP or IMP; or family member of an economic class PR applicant. 

The dependent child needs to be less than 22 years old. Moreover, they should not be married and similarly, should not have a common-law partner. 

In case the dependent child is older than 22 then they must qualify as dependent. Well, how would this happen? 

You see, if the child is 22 or older and still rely on their parents for financial support and they cannot support themselves due to some mental or physical condition, this means they are dependent. Also, these mental conditions should persist until the application is processed. 

Dependent children of temporary foreign workers should apply for the work permit either separately or with family. 

If a Canadian citizen or a PR sponsors them then they may also become eligible for an Open Work Permit. 

Some jobs even require the children to get a medical examination done. So basically, it is important to check the eligibility criteria properly before applying for a job or work permit. 

Who is not Eligible?

Those who are family members of workers working in the TEER 4 or 5 category. OR those working in the low-wage stream of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. Moreover, those working in the Agricultural Stream of the TFWP are also not eligible. 

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