Canada Visa- Everything You Need to Know! 


In a nutshell, a Canada visa is a stamp on a passport that lets someone enter Canada. If you have a visa, it means the Canadian Embassy considers you eligible to enter Canada. With a Canadian visa, one can stay in Canada for a definite period of time, which is specified on their visa. The Canada visa processing time depends on the kind of visa one is applying for, the applicant’s situation, the applicant’s country and other various factors. 

Canada Visa

A Canada visa, which is a stamp on the passport, lets you enter Canada for a specified period of time. You might have a business meeting to attend, a course to study, some places to visit, or maybe family members to meet. The reason could be anything, but if you are not a resident or citizen of Canada, you need a visa to enter the country and legally stay there. 


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Why do I need a Canada Visa? 

Anyone who is not a PR or citizen of Canada and wants to enter the country for some reason, must have a visa. However, if Canada has signed a visa exempt agreement with your country of residence, then you may not need to apply for a visa. 

Based on the kind of visa you are applying for, you could either stay in the country for a temporary period of time or even permanently. 

Types of Canadian Visa 

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of Canadian visas- first is temporary and the second is permanent. How does one decide which kind of visa they should go for? Well, based on the purpose of visit, you can choose the most suitable visa and apply for it. 

Common Types of Visas:-

1. Work Visa

As the name suggests, with a work visa one can stay in Canada for a specific period of time. During this time, the work visa or permit would allow you to legally work in Canada. There are two types of work permits as well. 

Open Work Permit

It allows you to work for any employer in Canada. 

Closed Work Permit

You can only work for a particular employer in Canada under this permit. 

2. Study Visa

A study permit/ visa allows you to study in Canada for study purposes. 

3. Visitor Visa

With a visitor visa, you can visit any place you want in Canada and stay for a limited period of time. 

4. Permanent Residence Visa 

A permanent residence visa allows you to live anywhere in Canada, work anywhere, and even settle down permanently. 

5. Super Visa 

This visa is for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 

6. Temporary Residence Visa

This visa will let you stay in Canada for a temporary period of time. 

Who is Eligible for a Canadian Visa? 

The eligibility requirements for a Canadian visa depends on the type of visa one is applying for. Usually, the basic requirements check eligibility of the individual based on their education, work experience, age, language proficiency, and other factors. 

How to get a Canada Visa?  

When you are applying for a Canadian visa, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are eligible for it
  • Gather all the necessary documents
  • Create an online profile
  • Apply for the visa application online
  • Pay the visa application fee 
  • Prepare for your journey!

Visa Processing Time 

As mentioned before, the processing times of Canadian visas depends on the kind of visa applied for. It also depends on the applicant’s particular case, if they have submitted all the required documents or not, filled in correct information or not, and other variables. 

If everything is alright, it is possible that the visa application would be processed sooner. 

Canadian Visa Fee 

Just like the processing time varies according to the kind of visa application, the fee also naturally varies depending on the same. If you are going for a commonly applied visitor visa, then you need to pay only around $100. But if you are applying for a Family Sponsorship visa, then the payment will be made of $1,210. 

Is Canada Visa Fee Refundable?

Unfortunately, a Canadian visa fee is non-refundable. This means even if the visa is rejected, the individual will not receive any refunds. 

In some particular cases, if the individual withdraws the application before it starts processing, then the fee may be refunded. Since this is a processing fee, it is not refunded once the application is in process. 

What is a Canada visa?

It is a stamp on the passport of the individual entering Canada. With a visa, you can legally stay in the country. 

What is the cost of a Canada visa?

The cost of a Canada visa is based on the kind of visa one is applying for. Some common types of visas one can apply for are:- 
a. Visitor visa- $100
b. Super visa- $100
c. International Experience Canada- $161
d. Study permit- $150
e. Work permit- $155

How to get a Canadian visa?

If you need a Canada visa, you must first have all the important documents that the application needs. Fill up a visa application properly, submit all the required documents, follow the instructions carefully, and your visa application should be alright!

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