This is how Canadians Celebrate Easter!

Canadians celebrate Easter with much vigorous energy and enthusiasm. People in Canada celebrate almost all kinds of festivals together.
This is how Canadians Celebrate Easter!

From hunting easter eggs to spending time with loved ones, who wouldn’t want to celebrate Easter? Canadians celebrate Easter in a variety of ways. The children surely love to go on Easter Egg Hunts. At the end of the festival, families go to church for prayers. You should also move to Canada if you wish to witness these joyous occasions. 

Easter in Canada

This year’s Easter weekend in Canada is from 7th April to 10th April. This means in between this weekend is Good Friday and Easter Monday. Who celebrates these days? People who follow Christian beliefs! For Christians all over the world, it is time to gather and pray in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Canadians celebrate Easter in a similar fashion just like other fellow Christians over the globe. Apart from going on Easter egg hunts, people of Canada also celebrate this wonderfully joyous day by going on parades, and attending church services. 

During Good Friday and Easter Monday, Christians commemorate or show respect to the days when Christ was crucified and resurrected. 

This year’s Good Friday fell on April 7th, and many cities over the country hosted Easter egg hunts, and parades for the people. These fun events are even better when people full of energy participate in them. Children running here and there, parents chatting with each other, families eating together. It truly looks wonderful. 

Celebrating Festivals Regardless of Religion

Though the festival is largely celebrated by the people following Christianity, Easter or any other festival in Canada is celebrated by everyone. Even if you are not a Christian, you may still feel the spirit of this festival. 

See, the Government of Canada will not stop you from celebrating any festival. Rather it believes in bringing all of Canada together. So, if you don’t want to get involved in the religious celebrations, it is still okay. How? Because you can still participate in those fun events we mentioned before. Remember? The parades, the Easter Egg Hunts, and other kinds of celebrations. So, don’t think that you would not be able to participate in such events with your Chritian friends or family members just because you are from a different religion. You are welcome in this country as you are, and there’s no need to change, whatsoever. 

So, if you are going to celebrate Easter this year, let us know how your experience was. We would love to hear from you! Your experience matters to us. Leave your story with us in the comments below! Also, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you can check out our other blogs to know how to do so. 

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