Manitoba PNP Draws: 566 Candidate can become PR in Canada

In the latest Manitoba PNP Draws, a total of 566 candidates are called for permanent residency in the province. Know more from the news!
Manitoba PNP Draws: 566 Candidate can become PR in Canada

This is the 174th Manitoba PNP draws, and the province has decided to call for 566 applicants. This round of draws came out on 6th April, 2023. The most recent other draw came were of BC PNP draws, which were out on 4th April.

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Latest Manitoba Draws

From the most newly arrived PNP draws, we can tell that 566 people can get permanent residence in Canada. Manitoba released its provincial nominee program draws on 6th April. According to the labor needs of the province, EOI or Expression of Entry were issued.

Skilled Workers Need

These were occupations specific draws and under them around 225 workers can apply for Manitoba permanent residency. However, if you wish to apply for PR for Manitoba under this category, then your CRS score needs to be at least 615. In this draw, the provincial government targeted workers from retail sales, service supervisors, and workers from specialized occupations in services and sales. 

If we take a look at the usual Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) then it was an all-program draw. Under the all-program draws, you need at least a 670 score. 

Under the International Education Stream, around 61 candidates can apply for permanent residency. 

On the other hand, we have the Skilled Worker Overseas category, and for that 54 applicants are eligible. But first, a candidate must have a minimum score of 708.

MPNP- Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

MPNP is spread into various streams. On top of that, each stream has its own eligibility criteria and the application process also varies according to the streams. 

When it comes to getting a permanent residency visa, IRCC is going to prioritize those who get nominated by Manitoba for Canadian PR. Canada has many immigration pathways, and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is just one of them. All the Canadian provincial nominee programs are designed in a way that skilled workers could come to the country easily. 

The country is in the process of hiring more and more workers so that it could fill up its labor force. Strengthening the workforce means the country would be able to grow economically. From the data available, we can say that Canada’s unemployment rate is at its almost record lowest. Thus, it is safe to say that the employment rate is growing rapidly.

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