Latest BC PNP Draws: 175 Candidates Called for PR

From the most recent BC PNP round of draws, we see that around 175 candidates are called in the province to get permanent residency.
Latest BC PNP Draws: 175 Candidates Called for PR

From all the PNP draw news we have been seeing, won’t it be fair to say that immigrants are favoring the provincial immigration pathways more? Moreover, on 4th April, 2023, BC PNP also released its weekly round of draws. A total of 175 immigrants are called in to apply for the permanent residency of British Columbia. Let’s discuss this in detail.

4th April, 2023- British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Draws

As you can see, the draws came out on 4th of April, and workers from which occupations are in demand? Why don’t you go ahead and guess? Come on, it’s not difficult. If you guessed that it’s the tech workers, healthcare, and childcare workers, then you are absolutely right! 

Since March, we have seen workers from the same occupations receive invitations time and again, and this too, the same workers received invitations.

Minimum Score

The minimum score for the general draw, which includes Tech workers, is 85. Now, 85 that is needed to apply for permanent residency is for the entry level and semi-skilled workers only. This means for the skilled workers the minimum score is different from the previous one. For the skilled workers it is 103. 

Similarly, for other streams too, the minimum scores are dissimilar. Take a look below to know them: 

  • Skilled Worker (EEBC option)- 103
  • International Graduate- 106
  • International Graduate (EEBC option)- 106
  • Skilled Worker- 103
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker- 85

As for the targeted draws, which includes workers in childcare and healthcare sector, the minimum score is only 60. 

Front heh general draws, 152 invitations are sent out. On the other hand, 17 childcare workers received invitations, while only 6 healthcare workers received ITAs to apply for the permanent residency in the province of British Columbia. 

Take a look at the images taken from the website of British Columbia for further clarification.

BC PNP draws
BC PNP draws

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