Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai Canada Ne Bulaya Hai- PNP Draw News!

Latest PNP Draw news! Canada is calling immigrants so why are you left behind? Go, pack your bags now! Wait, go after reading this news.
Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai Canada Ne Bulaya Hai- PNP Draw News!

So, now that you are here, we would like to share some really good news with you. From the recent and latest PNP draw news, we got to know that Canada is calling immigrants into the country! You read that correctly! And if the country is the one calling for you, why should you be left behind?! Go on, and start prepping for your journey now! Why are you still here? Oh, you wish to know why the country is in need of so many immigrants or through which Immigration pathway should you go? No worries, leave it to us. See, this is the reason why we are here. Also, you know about the latest PEI draw updates, in which applicants from the PEI Labor and Express Entry Stream were invited? Okay, good. Let’s start now.

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Huge No. of Immigrants Choosing Canada

Why is this happening? Why are immigrants choosing Canada? Well, it is because the country offers a lot of great things. From better healthcare services, to higher wages. From cleaner surroundings to improved gender equality. In comparison to most of the developed countries, Canada is so much better.   

Moreover, the recently launched Budget 2023 for the ongoing fiscal year is proving even more beneficial for the nation. It is taking care of everyone in the country, whether it be its citizens, permanent residents, or even if they are newcomers. Canada does not discriminate and hence, the nation is attracting so many people. 

Why does Canada want so many immigrants? 

Simple. Canada is in need of so many immigrants because its workforce is not strong enough. The labor force of the country is in need of more workers and hence, the nation is calling for workers via different immigration pathways. Different sectors of the job market of Canada are in quite desperate need of more laborers so the businesses and companies could run. Thus, the country is welcoming skilled workers, semi-skilled workers and professionals from abroad now so the labor market of the nation could grow once again. 

However, calling workers from abroad in no way means that Canadians are roaming the streets. because of unemployment. Actually, the unemployment rate in Canada is near its record lowest. This means almost everyone in the country is employed. 

Which Immigration Pathway to Choose? 

More immigrants are entering the country via PNP or the Provincial Nominee Program. When we look at the data available from IRCC, we can see that around 19,160 invitations were issued to candidates via PNP in 2022 alone. This number is out of 37,315 invitations. 

Do you know what to do after receiving an ITA? After you receive an ITA or an invitation, you have a limited amount of time to submit an application for the permanent residence from whichever province you received that ITA. This application indicates that you are confirming the invitation and that you will be immigrating to that province or territory. 

So, now that we have talked about so many issues, we hope that you will be able to immigrate to Canada without much worry. We wish you all the best and hope that you will stay with us for more exciting news and blogs in the future. Have a good day! 

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