Making Canada Affordable for Everyone | Come, Live in Canada!

Why should you live in Canada? The answer is simple. The country is a lot more affordable than you think! The new budget made it better.
Making Canada Affordable for Everyone | Come, Live in Canada!

There are many reasons why you should live in Canada or settle in Canada . To take one of the reasons, we could say that stuff there is a lot cheaper in the country than many people might think. Thanks to the recently launched budget, things are even cheaper to buy than before. Housing has also become more affordable now. To know more on which changes are mentioned in the budget, do read this news.

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Budget 2023: Making Life Better 

You read that right. The newly released budget of Canada for the current fiscal year is definitely working up its charms. The whole budget is focused on how to make life better, and more affordable in the country. It is making the country better and more affordable for everyone. Whether it be children, youth, adults or older people. Canada is affordable and a lot cheaper now. The Minister of Rural Economic Development, Gudie Hutchings, in a recent press release, talked about the investments made in affordability because of Budget 2023.

Through the press release we got to know of several things. Things such as more people are employed in Canada now than at the time before COVID-19 pandemic. The nation has also significantly recovered from the recession it faced because of the pandemic. The economy of the whole country is growing rather remarkably. The nation has one of the highest employment rates, all the while inflation is falling from heights. 

Canada’s early learning system and child care is also strengthening the country more and more. The early education system has given the women of Canada a chance to participate in the workforce of the country once again. When families could afford childcare, women would have the opportunity to work again. Hence, more women employees are in the labor force now.

Why is this Budget Special?

Budget 2023 has been special since its main focus is the public. The budget is looking after the people of Canada. Whether it be Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents or immigrants/newcomers to Canada. All these people were kept in mind while the budget was in the process. 

A Grocery Rebate was launched as part of the affordability plan. This is going to target inflation and give relief to 11M Canadians. Eligible couples with children will receive an additional $467. Single people with no children will receive an additional amount of $234. Moreover, older citizens will be receiving an additional amount of $225.

The new Canadian Dental Care Plan is also launched under the Budget 2023. This will be ensuring the dental hygiene of every Canadian so the people won’t have to think twice before visiting a dentist. 

Additionally, to make the economy of the country cleaner and greener, the Budget introduces new plans and initiatives that will be supporting eco-friendlier infrastructure. The nation is building itself up to fight climate change. Hence, Canada is leading other countries to do the same as well.  

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