113 Invitations for Permanent Residency in latest PEI Draw

In the latest PEI draw, there were 113 invitations released and these were under the Express Entry as well as its PNP labor stream.
113 Invitations for Permanent Residency in latest PEI Draw

From the latest round of PEI Draw that came out on 30th March, 2023, we hear that around 113 candidates received invitations so they could apply for the permanent residency of Prince Edward Island. The last provincial nominee program draws we saw were of OINP draw, in which 216 ITAs were released.

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Latest Updates of Prince Edward Island Draws

On 30th March, 2023, another round of Prince Edward Island PNP or the provincial nominee program draws came out. And it looks like the province is in real need of workers. It is quite unusual for the province to hold draws thrice in the same month. Commonly we get to see its draws come out once a month only. However, in March alone, the draws came out three times.

The invitations that Prince Edward Island issued are under the Express Entry stream as well as PEI PNP Labor stream. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that those applicants who applied in these streams, can apply for permanent residence in the province of Prince Edward Island.

Hence, if you were one of the people who did apply in Express Entry stream or in the Prince Edward Island Labor stream via provincial nominee program, then you may receive an invitation so you could apply for the permanent residency in the province. 

What after you receive PR? Well, you can then work freely in the province. You get to live on Prince Edward Island, which is one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada. And, you can enjoy your life there! 

Apart from the uncommon third draw we saw in one month, there was one thing that was out of the ordinary. The province usually goes for the candidates in the business work permit entrepreneur stream, however, the draws of 30th March were the second in line that didn’t include candidates from this stream. The last time PEI did not call for candidates from this stream was back in December, 2022.

Can I Apply? 

So, to the main question. Who is eligible for this draw? Below we talk about the eligibility requirements of the PNP draw of Prince Edward Island.


The first thing on the list of requirements is age. Yes, your age matters a great deal. If you are somewhere between the ages of 21 and 59, you can apply for the provincial nominee program of this province. 


The minimum requirement of education that a candidate must have is a high school degree. But that doesn’t mean that candidates with higher education couldn’t apply. Actually, applicants who have higher education are preferred. 


You need to have the attitude of change and adaptability in you. This means, you should be able to adapt according to the cultural and economic situation of the province.

Language Proficiency

Minimum language proficiency score of a candidate should be CLB 4 in either English or French.

Work Experience

In relation to the field of study or training, the candidate must have at least 2 years of work experience out of the previous 5 years in a skilled occupation.


 In the starting years of your settlement in the province, you need to have enough funds to support yourself and your dependents (if any).

You need to have a legal status in the province you are settling in. 

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