Tips for Protection from Scams in Canada

For newcomers, becoming a prey to immigration traps or scams is very easy. Check out these tips for protection from scams in Canada.
Tips for Protection from Scams in Canada_

Canada observes March as Fraud Prevention Month. During this month, awareness against immigration scams is taught to many. Along with this, how one can observe protection from scams in Canada is also spread. Now, why don’t we check out some tips by which we can defend ourselves.

Tips to Identify Scammers for Newcomers to Canada

To protect oneself against scams is very necessary. Scams can be of many kinds, one could be through phone and the other for money. We need to be aware of all the forms of scams, and should know how to protect ourselves.

For Canadian immigration applicants, especially those who are going to Canada for the first time, identifying these scams could be a bit tough. However, let us tell you how to do so via easy tips.

  • Clicking on Links could be Disastrous- One single wrong click, and all the money from your bank account could disappear. Yes, scam links can be that dangerous. If you see a strange message telling you to click on a link pop-up in your inbox, do not do that without thinking twice! Scammers will send you links to rob your personal data which may include your financial information. Always verify the sender before clicking on any link.
  • Incoming Call from a Strange Number? No Need to Pick! – If you are receiving a call from a strange number, then you don’t need to pick it. Scammers may use these strange phone calls to threaten you into giving them money. Moreover, they could threaten you and say they may revoke your immigration status, however, don’t fret as fraudsters don’t have the authority to do so.
  • Don’t be an Open Book! – No need to go around providing your personal details to someone who just called you. Immigration scammers or just scammers in particular may impersonate as officials and ask for your personal information. However, without verifying their identity, there’s absolutely no need to give them any information.

How Immigration Lawyers Help

Do you know that immigration lawyers can help you immensely? However, you still need to choose the right lawyer for that. Choosing the wrong lawyer may mean you are already doomed.

Nonetheless, honest and true immigration lawyers will protect you from scams. Thus, go ahead and choose a Canadian lawyer to protect yourself.

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