Work with Study in Canada, Govt Says

If you wish to stay in Canada with a “dual intent” of work with study in Canada, then the Government is going to encourage this.
Work with Study in Canada, Govt Says

If you are going to be visiting Canada with a thought of work with study in Canada, then the Government of Canada is going to support you in this decision. Do you know what this means? If you come to Canada initially for studying only, but after some time you wish to become a permanent resident in the nation, then that’s okay. This opportunity will give you an advantage to build a career in Canada.

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Government of Canada says: 

According to the Government of Canada, you, as an immigrant, are an integral part of the country. Whether you would be coming to the country for work purposes, or for studies. What matters is that you are coming to the country.

Do you know what happens when an immigrant goes to another country? They don’t just go into a country to learn something or do some work. Actually, when they leave their country they are also taking their own culture with them. And upon arriving to the new country, they would be sharing their culture with the people of that country.

Canada believes that when immigrants come to its nation, they are also sharing their culture with the locals, and hence the locals are going to grow with immigrants. Not just the local economy would benefit from this growth, but also the local societies. 

Hence, immigrants are much valued in the eyes of Canadians. This is the reason why the government not only wants foreign nationals to come into the country, but it also wants them to stay. 

However, there are some border service officers that try to reject immigrants who are coming to the country for work/study purposes but will be eventually applying for permanent residence. Let’s know more about this.

Why is Canadian work experience necessary? 

If you wish to score a Canadian permanent residence, then you should first get some work experience in the country. For those who wish to achieve permanent residence in the nation, getting some work experience in Canada is really important. 

The IRCC section of Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Programs works for the benefit of immigrants. The border service officers get to know that work experience or study experience is encouraged, and if an immigrant does have the experience they would be able to get some additional CRS points. 

In the past, if an international student showed the intent of coming to Canada and would be eventually immigrating to the country, they faced refusal. But it’s not the past, and the country has changed. Hence, students or workers with such intent are welcome now. 

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