5 Best Reasons To Get Canadian Citizenship In 2021!

5 Best Reasons To Get Canadian Citizenship

There are a number of good reasons to transition from permanent residency to Canadian citizenship. For example, as a Canadian citizen, you will have greater access to the Canadian social security system. Additionally, you will enjoy enhanced travel rights, such as simplified visa requirements for travel to most countries worldwide.

Being a Canadian citizen can benefit you in ways that go beyond personal pride and security. Canadian citizens can apply for dual citizenship without restriction, and there are many other advantages beyond those. A universal healthcare, right to vote and an absolutely free primary education are a few of the advantages of being a Canadian citizen.

How to Get Canadian Citizenship

Here are the basic requirements on how to get Canadian citizenship.

You must be a permanent resident and must have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years. Additionally, you must have also filed your taxes, if required. You then need to prove your language skills by passing an exam that tests your knowledge of rights and responsibilities in Canada.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, certain other criteria must be fulfilled depending on your situation. Here is the official website link to understand those conditions:


How to Get Canadian Citizenship for Indians.

How to get Canadian citizenship for an Indian, if you meet these conditions, you may be eligible for the program.

  • Only permanent residents of Canada may apply.
  • To qualify, you must have lived in Canada for at least three years out of the last five (1,095 days).
  • It is mandatory to pay all taxes.
  • Applicants for citizenship must also pass a test showing that they understand the nature and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.
  • To qualify for citizenship, the candidate must pass a language test of either English or French.
  • Applicants should be established and have a good standing in their new country.
  • They must not have any criminal convictions in Canada.

You can begin the application process for Canadian citizenship if you think you are eligible. The following steps will help:

  • Check the Government of Canada’s website for policies, information and forms.
  • Read the application form carefully and fill it out completely. Attach all required documents to your online submission.
  • Pay your application fees. Finally, submit the form after filling out all the different parts. 
  • To become a citizen, you will have to pass a test. You must get at least 15 questions out of 20 correct.
  • Wait for the government to approve your application, then a notice will be sent informing you of your swearing-in ceremony.

Reasons to Get Canadian PR from India

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, who are drawn by its strong economy.

Immigration to this country has increased drastically, due to its welcoming nature, growing economy and straightforward immigration policies.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a Canadian PR from India.

1) Education for children is free

All children of permanent residents citizens in Canada receive free education up to grade 12. Primary, secondary and higher education are the three levels provided by Canadian schools.

Permanent residents enjoy a reduction in university tuition fees.

2) A universal health care system: ‘Medicare’

For all Canadian permanent residents, Canada offers universal health coverage through the government and authorities. For every Canadian immigrant visa holder of Canada, Under Medicare, medical care is free for all permanent residents in Canada. Prescription drugs are also covered.

3)  Social Benefits for Permanent Resident

Residents of Canada often find high-paying jobs, which provide them with the means to enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Retirement, disability, and survivor benefits are among the other social advantages of working.

4) Freedom to Migrate inter-state

You can travel within Canada and move to any part of it with your PR card.

It makes it possible for you to move to and reside in another province. You can pursue a new job, a new opportunity—or whatever else life may bring your way—without having any worries about uprooting yourself from family/friends or losing the house that you’ve worked so hard for.

5) Feeling safe and secure

Canada is a safe and secure destination for immigrants. With permanent residency, people have all the rights under Canadian Charter 6 to be protected by the government and authorities—and many prioritize this as one of Canada’s most important benefits.

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