Vacancy Alert: Hotel Management Jobs in Canada

Hotel Management Jobs in Canada

The work of a hotel manager is to ensure that all the functions are running smoothly and the operations are working well too. They have a variety of responsibilities and tasks to perform as this is an important job. Their duties include managing the business, sales, accounting, and taking care of customers. Hotel managers are also referred to as hotel operations managers. Let’s read more about hotel management jobs in Canada.

From day-to-day management to training the staff, and planning for the management of the business, hotel managers do it all. They also coordinate and administer services such as accommodation and catering facilities.

Main purpose of hotel manager is to ensure the smooth functioning of the hotel.

Role of Hotel Manager in Canada

Just like every job has a few requirements to fulfill, there are some tasks that any hotel manager needs to do. Those roles are listed below. Go through them to know it all!

  • They collect payments and maintain budget records, expenses, as well as funds.
  • The task of welcoming and registering guests after their arrival is done by them as well. 
  • The function of organizing functions, activities, and assigning duties to employees or the staff comes under their duty too.
  •  They look over the personnel, kitchen staff/employee, receptionist and office employees.
  • Hotel managers create and apply marketing strategies to publicize hotel’s services and facilities offered. 
  • They coordinate with suppliers, vendors, conference planners, travel agencies, and other external parties as a part of their job.
  • Evaluation of hotel performance and making sure the safety rules are followed comes under their command.
  • They partake in financial functions, like, setting budgets, assigning funds to departments, and establishing room prices. 
  • They also resolve problems that are related to hotel services, policies, and facilities. 
  • They monitor the performance of employees, and carry out evaluations in order to improve service.

Skills Needed for Hotel Management in Canada

Every hotel manager aspirant needs to possess some important skills needed to carry out the tasks of a hotel manager. We have gathered some of the skills and listed them down below. You are going to want to read them all.

  • They should have a bachelor’s degree in building management, hospitality or any other relevant field. 
  • They need at least 3 (three) years of experience in the field of hotel management or a role that is similar to.
  • They should possess a strong understanding of management of hotels, and should know how data entry software works as well. 
  • They should be able to lead with an iron fist and have an eagle’s eye for details.
  • Amazing interpersonal communication skills and the skills regarding customer service is needed here too.

Average Salary and Job Availability for Hotel Managers in Canada

Securing a job in this field is much easier if you have the right skills at your disposal. Canada is already known for its high number of employment opportunities, hence, there’s always a chance to secure a good one in Canada. 

To find and secure your dream job, the first thing you need to know is that there are some important skills you need to have. We have already provided you with some of those. They are right above you. And then, there are a few requirements for this job. We have also mentioned them above. Make sure you have read them all or if you haven’t given them a proper read, go ahead and do it now! 

Many firms such as Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa, Elkford Motor Inn, Knotty Pine Cottages, Valley Motor Lodge, Black Rooster Guesthouse, Super 8, Hampton Inn, Agassiz Hotel & Restaurant/Agassiz Park Lodge, Stonebridge Hotel, and many such hotels are looking for hotel managers in Canada. 

On an average, a hotel manager in Canada is able to earn more than $48,000 a year. In terms of hourly wage, the income can go up to $25 per hour. Amateurs or entry level position holders earn around $39,900 in a year, while the ones holding years of experience can earn up to $62,720 annually.

The wages of a hotel manager also depend on the years of experience they hold, and the educational qualifications they have.

Future of Hotel Management Jobs in Canada

Over the years, this field of hotel management has seen some serious growth. After getting some huge investors to invest in Canada’s financial growth, Canada has invited immigrants from all over the world to come, and make the country an even better place to live in.

Canada has provided many more job opportunities and this shows us that there are many, many more jobs available for hotel managers too. How? Well, it is possible because, since Canada has more job opportunities now, the traffic of immigrants coming to the country is bound to increase. And since there are more people coming to a new country, the hotels are surely going to get full. Thus the need for hotel managers has increased. 

This industry of hotel management is increasing at a rapid pace. Hence, the future of hotel management looks bright too. 

With this, we are concluding the article. We hope you know the basics of hotel management now, how to carry out this job, what roles need to be performed, which skills are necessarily required, how much one can earn in Canada from a hotel management job, and what is the future of this industry. 

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