Important: Cost Accountant Jobs in Canada

Cost Accountant Jobs in Canada

Who says that a cost accountant’s life is only all about numbers and spreadsheets, that they do not enjoy the advantages of other life aspects? What if we say, this is totally not true? That a cost accountant can live their lives beyond spreadsheets too? The first step to do so would start with immigrating to Canada, as an accountant, of course. Cost accountant jobs in Canada have quite a few advantages as well. 

From a handsome income to being a respectable job, this job is definitely worth it!

Must Haves for a Cost Accounting in Canada

There are some skills that you would need if you are going to work as a cost accountant in Canada . Let’s take a look at those below!

Service and Care
  1. Serving Others
  2. Protecting and Enforcing
  3. Tending to Daily Needs
  4. Treating People/Animals
  5. Counseling and Nurturing
  6. Cleaning and House/Shop Keeping
  7. Cooking, Preparing, Serving
  1. Professional Communicating
  2. Liaising and Networking
  3. Interviewing
  4. Negotiating and Adjudicating
  5. Advising and Consulting
  6. Promoting and Selling
  7. Teaching and Training
  1. Examining and Diagnosing
  2. Researching and Investigating
  3. Inspecting and Testing
  4. Planning
  5. Analyzing Information
  6. Projecting Outcomes

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Tasks of a Cost Accountant in Canada

Below, we have listed down some of the important tasks that a cost accountant has to carry out. 

  • Training the staff
  • Arranging that training for staff
  • Supervise the staff
  • Preparation of reports and audit findings
  • Planning, setting up, and administering accounting systems
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports
  • Make sure the accounting standards are accurate, procedures and internal controls are in compliance 
  • Examination of accounting records
  • Conduction of field audits of businesses
  • Act as trustee in the case of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Provision of business, financial and tax advice
  • Preparation of financial information for individuals, companies, or departments
  • Development and maintenance of cost findings, internal control procedure and reporting
  • Preparation of income tax returns from the accounting records
  • Analysis of financial reports and documents

How Much It Pays to be a Cost Accountant in Canada?

For an average cost accountant working in Canada, the income per year is $70,000 or could be said that these accountants make $35.90 per hour. Entry- level positions begin with only $58,000 per year, however the most experienced can earn up to $82,900 per year. 

Let’s break down this data according to different provinces or territories of Canada. 

  • Alberta- If you are thinking of working in Alberta, then don’t be shy! Just hop on this opportunity since Alberta offers one of the highest salaries to its cost accountants. You can make more than $72,000 there!
  • Ontario- Ontario offers the second highest payment to cost accountants after Alberta. An average cost accountant makes up to $70,990 in a year. Isn’t that some good money?!
  • British Columbia- Cost accountants of British Columbia have an income of more or less than $68,250 per year.
  • Manitoba- The salary of a cost accountant working there is $56,250 a year.

Career Opportunities for Cost Accountants in Canada

There are probably thousands of jobs in Canada and hundreds of those jobs are for cost accountants only. Do you know what this means? Do you understand what Canada is trying to tell you? Canada is welcoming immigrants to come and help the economy grow further on. Out of 120,820 job postings from the Canadian government, more than 750 job opportunities are for cost accountants alone. 

Why don’t we take a look at these job postings province wise so you could have a clearer idea? 

  • Alberta- 83 available jobs
  • British Columbia- 74 available jobs
  • Manitoba- 10 job postings
  • New Brunswick- 2 job vacancies
  • Newfoundland and Labrador- 5 jobs available
  • Nova Scotia- 14 jobs available
  • Ontario- 179 available jobs
  • Quebec- 345 job vacancies available
  • Saskatchewan- 30 opportunities available

We hope all the information we have provided you with has been enough for you to understand the job opportunities that are available in Canada. This blog mentioned the skills required of a cost accountant in Canada, education needed, tasks assigned to a cost accountant, how much it pays to be a cost accountant in Canada and what are the career opportunities for them in Canada.

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