Sales Associate Jobs in Canada

sales associate jobs in canada

Sales Associates work in the sales team. They are a part of one. Sales associates work on the front lines, this means that they are the ones that interact with customers first. They help customers in meeting their buying needs. Along with these tasks, they also draft and submit periodic reports. There are many sales associate jobs in Canada.

Sales associates mostly work for retailers. A sales associate may also be called as a retail sales associate, retail salesperson, and a sales floor associate. 

They greet customers along with assisting them with any query the customers may have. They also assist customers regarding issues like refunds for some products, returns, or when it comes to resolving simple complaints. All these tasks come under the responsibilities of a sales associate.

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Roles, Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Associate Job in Canada

Why don’t we discuss the responsibilities of a retail associate now? Scroll down to read them all!

  • The first task of a sales associate is to welcome the customer and make them feel at ease and comfortable. 
  • To make customers feel comfortable, they interact with them, help them with any query they may have, offer assistance, etc. 
  • Sales floor associates operate cash registers, on top of handling cash payments and credit card processing.
  • They handle returns, refunds, and exchanges as well. 
  • Retail salespersons alert the management if there’s any threat of a security issue.
  • They provide suggestions to customers based on the customers needs.
  • They stay updated with the latest sales trends to offer better customer services.
  • One of the duties of a retail sales associate is to locate products for customers and place orders for them too.

Qualifications of a Sales Associate

Check out which eligibility requirements you are needed for a sales associate job. 

  • You need to at least have passed high school.
  • Person wanting to become a sales associate should have at least two years of work experience in the retail or service industry. 

You may be asked for other qualifications as well. We have only listed the basic ones. 

Skills Needed in a Sales Associate Job in Canada

A sales associate or a retail salesperson is needed to possess skills to carry out this job. Read the points below, to find out the skills. 

  • They should be motivated by internal means.
  • They should have interpersonal skills.
  • Can communicate properly
  • Have the ability to lift some heavy products
  • Can carry out basic math and accounting skills
  • Should be friendly and have a strong sense of commitment to customers
  • Can stand for longer periods of time
  • Can think critically and creatively
  • Can operate a cash register

Note that these are only a few of many skills required of sales associates in Canada.

Jobs for a Sales Associate in Canadian Provinces with Salary

We have created a list for you to understand how much the job of sales associate pays in the territories or provinces of Canada. 

  • Quebec- $40,858
  • Northwest Territories- $48,484
  • Alberta- $41,58
  • Nunavut- $72,280
  • Prince Edward Island- $67,754
  • Newfoundland- $67,803
  • Manitoba- $44,321
  • Yukon- $37,440
  • Saskatchewan- $39,773
  • British Columbia- $58,497
  • Nova Scotia- $64,981
  • New Brunswick- $65,756
  • Ontario- $45,858

The aim of this article has been to inform you of all the basic information you may need about the roles, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills needed of sales associates. How much the job of a sales associate pays is also mentioned with the name of the province.

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