Career Opportunities and Requirements under the 3212 NOC Code

Wanna get a job abroad in the field of health occupation? If yes, then you should definitely check this blog. Here we will discuss career opportunities and requirements of Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’s Assistants that fall under 3212 NOC Code in Canada. 

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Job Description under 3212 NOC Code

Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’s Assistants fall under the 3212 NOC Code.

Medical laboratory technicians perform standard medical laboratory tests as well as the setup, cleaning, and maintenance of medical laboratory equipment. Hence, they work at hospitals, clinics, research centers, post-secondary educational institutions, and government research laboratories. 

Pathologists’ assistants either help at autopsies and examine surgical specimens or perform autopsies under the direction of a pathologist. They are typically employed at hospitals and institutions.

Career Opportunity under 3212 NOC Code

  • aide, medical laboratory
  • assistant, medical laboratory
  • assistant, pathology
  • morgue attendant supervisor
  • pathology assistant
  • phlebotomist
  • phlebotomy aide
  • renal technician
  • technical assistant – medical laboratory
  • technical assistant – pathology
  • technician, blood bank
  • biochemical technician – medical laboratory
  • biological technician – medical laboratory
  • blood bank technician
  • cancer research technician
  • clinical laboratory technician
  • combined laboratory and x-ray technician
  • hematology technician – medical laboratory
  • histology technician
  • laboratory assistant – medical
  • laboratory technician – medical
  • medical laboratory aide
  • medical laboratory assistant
  • medical laboratory helper
  • medical laboratory technical assistant
  • medical laboratory technician
  • community health technician – medical laboratory
  • cytology technician
  • epidemiology worker – medical laboratory
  • helper, medical laboratory

Employment Requirements

  • The completion of a college certificate programme in medical laboratory science is required for medical laboratory technicians and assistants.
  • Medical laboratory assistants and technicians may need to be certified by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science.
  • A combination laboratory X-ray technology programme must be completed in order to become a combined laboratory and X-ray technician.
  • A university degree in the biological sciences, some post-secondary coursework, and specialized on-the-job training are requirements for pathologists’ assistants.

Main Responsibilities

Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists have a wide range of responsibilities to perform. Hence, some of the main responsibilities are mentioned below:

Responsibilities of Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Take blood, tissue, and other samples from patients
  • Log patient samples and prepare them for testing
  • Set up medical laboratory equipment
  • Conduct routine laboratory tests and sample analyses
  • Conduct testing approach quality assurance
  • Clean and maintain the medical laboratory and medical laboratory equipment
Responsibilities of Pathologists’s Assistants
  • Prepare for autopsies by gathering patients’ medical records and scheduling radiographic tests
  • Assist or execute autopsy and surgical specimen inspections under the direction of pathologists
  • Dissect, analyze, weigh, and photograph organs and specimens, collect tissue samples for chemical analysis, and document findings
  • Discard specimens in accordance with approved safety procedures
  • Clean and maintain instruments, equipment, and supplies
  • Following the completion of autopsies, remains may be prepared for release to funeral homes
  • It is possible to oversee and train junior resident pathologists and mortuary attendants

Skilled Required under 3212 NOC Code

Some professional requirements of skill to conduct their separate duties as a Medical Laboratory Technician and Pathologists’ Assistant include;

Skilled Required for Medical Laboratory Technicians 
  • Collection of blood and tissue samples from the patient/patients as needed. 
  • Preparation for testing and sample logging.
  • Capability to install medical laboratory equipment. 
  • Sample analysis and standard laboratory testing are carried out.  
  • Testing and quality assurance techniques must be executed correctly.
  • Medical laboratory equipment maintenance and cleaning, as well as other medical equipment. 
Skilled Required for Pathologists’s Assistants
  • Obtaining patient medical information and scheduling radiographic examinations in order to prepare autopsies. 
  • Under the direction of a Pathologist, be capable of aiding them and completing examinations of surgical specimens and autopsies.
  • Handle samples as needed to dissect, photograph, and weigh specimens and organs, as well as analyze and collect tissue samples for records and chemical analysis.  
  • During the discarding process, adhere to the specified safety procedures. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance of medical instruments, supplies, as well as other equipment.  
  • After an autopsy, they may be able to prepare the body for release to funeral homes. 
  • Capable of training and supervising mortuary attendants and other junior pathologists’ assistants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What NOC Code is 3212?

The NOC Code 3212 is for Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’s Assistants.

2. Is NOC 3212 in high demand in Alberta?

The 3212: Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants occupational category in Alberta is predicted to grow at a faster-than-average annual rate of 3.6% from 2019 to 2023.

What is the job description for a 3211 NOC?

Set up, operate, and maintain laboratory equipment as well as analyze the chemical composition of blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and other bodily fluids. Examine blood cells and other tissues to see how they relate to various physiological and pathological states.

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