French Language Benefits in Canada PR- why is French important?


What are the French language benefits in Canada PR? Well, first of all, if you score well on a French language test, you could secure Canadian PR undoubtedly. And second of all, there are numerous personal benefits of learning one of the most spoken languages in the world. Career opportunities, study opportunities, and many other benefits open up for you when you have a good grasp over the language. Hence, you shouldn’t just learn French for Canada PR but also because there are several other advantages of learning French. 

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Are there any French Language Benefits in Canada PR? 

French is one of the most spoken languages around the world. It is estimated that around 3.4% of the world’s population speak French, and these numbers make the language an international language. The popularity of French has spread it worldwide and now there are more than 300 million people across the globe who speak this language. 

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There’s one more country that gives much importance to this particular language. Any guesses? Of course it’s Canada! There are two official languages of Canada: English and French. And the population of French speakers is around 8.5 million out of the total 40 million. This strongly indicates the presence as well as importance of French in Canada. 

Further, we also need to understand that Francophonies enjoy a number of benefits in Canada. If you are immigrating to Canada, of course you are going to require a strong hold in either language, English or French. 

In case you have a strong grasp of French language, you can obtain permanent residency easily, get into top-notch institutions, be exposed to a wide variety of jobs, understand locals, etc. 

Benefits of Knowing French in Canada PR 

Some benefits of knowing French when you are applying for Canada permanent residency are mentioned below:-

1. Permanent Residency (PR) Application Language Requirements 

Canada PR application has many requirements to fulfill, and having good language skills is one of the main ones. So, if you have a good score in French language, your CRS score will likely be higher and hence your chances of getting residency increases. 

2. Higher French Language Skills, Better CRS Score 

As said before, a good French language test score increases your comprehensive ranking system score which then leads to you securing that PR sooner. A higher CRS score increases the chances of you receiving an invitation from the Express Entry draws. And we know that an invitation from Express Entry draw means you can apply for permanent residency. Hence, stronger French language skills are valuable. 

3. A Wide Variety of Job Opportunities 

Most of the jobs in Canada require workers to be fluent in both English and French. But the requirement of workers fluent in French language has been increasing with time. And thus, Canada is also increasing the number of French proficient workers in the country by inviting them. 

4. Get PR via PNP

Some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) even prefer to invite only those candidates with high French proficiency. Also, if there’s a particular province/territory that you want to settle down in, you should try immigration via PNP. PNPs usually invite candidates on a much lower CRS score. Also, they are easier to apply to; issues invitations frequently; and there’s a good chance you would get an invitation. 

5. Secure Government Jobs 

If you are good in French and English, you would be exposed to a wide number of federal government jobs. Governmental jobs in Canada usually require professionals to be bilingual and hence, French language can open up numerous job doors for you.  

6. Integrate in the Canadian Society 

We know that a major portion of the Canadian population consists of French speakers. So, if you want to integrate yourself in Canadian society, you need to speak French and be good at it too. That way, you could easily settle down in society. 

French Language Tests for Canada PR 

When applying for Canada PR you are required to show language proficiency tests to qualify for residency. Hence, before applying for permanent residency, you need to get your test result. 

There are two French language tests that the Canadian government accepts. These are:

  • TCF Canada- Test de connaissance du français
  • TEF Canada- Test d’Évaluation du Français

So, after staying with us this whole time, you might be able to answer why French is important in Canada PR and why you need to have a good grasp over the language. 

Let us know in the comment section if this blog has been helpful to you and for your Canada PR journey! 

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Does knowing French help in Canada PR?

Yes, it does. If you know French properly, meaning you are proficient in French, it could help you immensely. Scoring in French language tests means getting a PR sooner. 

Why is French important in Canada PR?

French is an important part of the Canadian society and the same goes for Canada PR. Having higher French language proficiency means you get a higher CRS score which further increases your chances of Canada PR.

How many points do you get for French language in Canada PR?

If French is your first language, you get 24 points in your Canada PR application.

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