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1311 NOC Code is for Accounting technicians and bookkeepers. Before going ahead we will tell you that according to the new version of NOC codes 1311 NOC Code is now 12200 NOC Code. So, if you want to get a job abroad in the accounting technicians and bookkeepers field then read this blog!

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12200 NOC Code (1311 NOC Code) – Job Description

1311 NOC Code (now 12200 NOC Code) is used for Accounting technicians and bookkeepers to manage complete sets of books, keep account records, verify the techniques used to record financial transactions as well and provide personal bookkeeping services. They work in both the private and public sectors, and some are self-employed.

How to Get a Job Under 12200(1311) NOC Code

To get a job under the 12200(1311) NOC Code you need to have all the abilities that are considered under this NOC Code like employment requirements, skills, and more. So, let’s start to discuss this. 

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1. Employment Requirements

For getting a job as an accounting technician and bookkeeper the following employment requirements must be fulfilled.

  • Secondary school graduation is necessary.
  • Completion of a college program in bookkeeping, accounting, or a similar discipline
  • Or, Completing the first two years of a recognized professional accounting program (such as Chartered Accounting or Certified General Accounting).
  • Accounting or bookkeeping courses, as well as several years of work as a financial or accounting clerk, are required.

2. Skills Criteria

Skills Requirements
Service and Care 
Helping Others
Professional Interviewing, Advising, and Consulting
Information Management 
Information Processing and Information Management
Analyzing Data and Predicting Results

3. Knowledge Criteria

Knowledge Requirements 
Law and Public Safety 
Law, government, and jurisprudence
Technology and Engineering 
Information and Computer Systems
Management, Finance, and Business 
Accounting, Finance, and Client Service
Management, Finance, and Business 
Accounting, Finance and Client Service

Main Duties of Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers is responsible for some or all of the following duties:

  • First, Maintain financial records and construct, maintain, and balance various accounts using manual and computerized bookkeeping processes.
  • Post journal entries and reconcile accounts, produce trial balances, keep general ledgers, and prepare financial statements
  • Calculate and create payroll checks, as well as utility, tax, and other bills.
  • Complete and submit tax remittance forms, workers’ compensation forms, pension contribution forms, and other government paperwork.
  • Prepare tax returns and provide other personal bookkeeping services
  • Prepare additional statistical, financial, and accounting reports

Additional Information – With more training, it is possible to advance to professional accounting positions.

Included Job Titles

  • Accounting bookkeeper
  • Accounting technician
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping clerk
  • Budget officer
  • Finance officer
  • Finance technician
  • Financial officer
  • Financial services administrator – Canadian Armed Forces
  • Senior bookkeeper

Excluded Job Titles

  • 14200 – Accounting and related clerks 
  • 14201 – Banking, insurance, and other financial clerks 
  • 11100 – Financial auditors and accountants 
  • 13102 – Payroll administrators 

Which Provinces Have Job Opportunities?

Accounting technologists and bookkeepers (NOC 1311) will have a promising job outlook in Saskatchewan from 2022 to 2024.

The following variables led to this outlook:

  • Several new jobs will be created as the labor force expands.
  • Several roles will become vacant as a result of retirements.
  • There are a moderate number of unemployed people with recent experience in this occupation.

What is the income of an Accounting Technician?

In Canada, the national average compensation for an Accounting Technician is around $49,079 per year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 1311 NOC in high demand in Canada?

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers (NOC 1311) will have an excellent job outlook in Saskatchewan from 2022 to 2024.

2. What is the job description for a 12200 NOC?

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers manage complete sets of books, keep account records, check the methods for documenting financial transactions, and provide personal bookkeeping services.

Is a bookkeeper the same as an accounting technician?

Bookkeeping is the initial step in the accounting process, and it focuses on recording and organizing financial data. Accounting, on the other hand, concentrates on understanding and presenting that data. Below is a more extensive description of both roles, which may help you determine which is ideal for you.

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