How You Can Find Accommodation in Canada: Student-Specific

find accommodation in Canada

After post-secondary education most Canadian students prefer to stay in campus during their first year, you may also find this option appealable for yourself. It is a good way to meet with friends and connect with other students. 

The college and university housing includes two main sections:

  1. Living on Campus
  2. Living off Campus in Private Housing

If you are a student who is going abroad to complete their studies, particularly to Canada then you must be willing to find accommodation in Canada. Here in this blog we have broadly covered every aspect related to student accommodation in Canada. 

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Living On Campus

Under this type of accommodation, students are provided with hostel services. This hostel service is called “living in residence”. A room of residence will be furnished with a bed, shelves and a desk. The cost of your meal is subtracted from the cost of your living, so you can find free breakfast, lunch and dinner at residence. 

Residence Room Options

It can be both ways, your room in the residence can be single or shared. A shared room will cost you lesser than a single room. 

While you are living in residence you have access to the below described things:

  • Private room
  • Shared bathroom( toilet, sink, bathtub or shower)
  • A kitchen 
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Free Wifi ( in most stance)

Apart from that some universities also offer apartment style residence, so you want to find accommodation in Canada then you can consider this option as well. The apartment contains it’s own kitchen and bathroom, hence it is more preferable.

Different Benefits of Residence

There are several benefits of residence, they are stated below:

  • Quick access to campus and library
  • No need for transportation as you are located close by
  • Better chances to make friends
  • Smoother process to live in a new country as a student

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    Living Off Campus or in Private House

    Your rental price may go lower as compared to on campus but the other costs will add on, they are for different items, like:

    • Furniture
    • Electricity 
    • Heating 
    • Food and cleaning related supplies
    • Internet connection
    • Cable television or streaming service

    Apart from these there are some pro’s which make it a desired way of living, such as you may feel:

    • More freedom
    • More privacy
    • Are integrated to Canadian society

    You may also find that shared living options are more cheap.

    Housing Terms in Canada

    When you choose private housing option then you must be aware of the common housing terms in Canada. They include bachelor apartment, duplex, single detached, private room, den, ensuite, powder room, AC, furnished, unfurnished, utilities, lease, and sublet. 

    How You Can Find Private Housing?

    It is not controlled by your university in any way. There are few tips which you need to follow, when you find accommodation in Canada, particularly for private housing:

    • Expect to pay CAD 400-800, if you want a single room in Canada for different purposes.
    • If the apartment is in a high-rise building then it may cost CAD 900- 2000.
    • In popular cities like Toronto and Vancouver, apartments on rents are quite a popular option, which may cost CAD 900-3,000. 

    How to Deal With Your Landlord?

    Under the deal which you have made with your landlord, there are certain obligations. 

    You landlord should:

    • Maintain your home in good state of repair
    • Provide the utility services promised on lease
    • Not seize your property in illegal manner

    As a tenant you are required to:

    • Pay the rent on time
    • Keep you living space clean
    • Avoid causing any damage to the interior or exteriors or the repairs
    • When there is a serious problem related to repair do not forget to inform landlord as soon as possible
    • Allow the entry of your landlord for repairs


    If you are a student who is going to Canada to complete his/her studies( post higher secondary) then you must be thinking about the accommodation related terms. There are two main options related to find accommodation in Canada as a student. They are On Campus Accommodation and Off Campus Accommodation. You can select the best suited one for yourself, and begin your post-higher secondary education without any worry. 

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