Top Three Provinces of Canada Offering Mining Jobs

Mining jobs in Canada

Every year the Canadian mining industry makes outstanding contributions to thrive the Canadian economy. If you are looking for mining jobs in Canada, then it is the right place for you to be. Due to the presence of mineral resources, Canada is presented as the leader in the mining industry. Which makes people seek mining jobs in Canada and are provided with the same. 

There is an abundance of minerals here such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, uranium, etc. As a result of these opportunities, it has also become very easy to apply in Canada for mining jobs. Described below is the list of three main provinces in Canada which provide mining jobs.

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List of Different Provinces Which Provide Mining Jobs

  1. Quebec
  2. British Columbia
  3. Ontario


It is the number one destination for mining jobs in Canada for Indians. It also provides a wide range of opportunities all across the province. One-fifth of Canada’s mining industry comes from this one province; the country’s largest province. Mining activities began here during the 17th century, hence it can be stated that this province’s mining industry has a long history which assures good mining job opportunities. 

If you are aspiring to work in Quebec, particularly for the mining industry then you should know that the Quebec government has opened this province for the exploration of minerals and other natural resources, which makes it a hotspot for the mining industry. 

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    British Columbia

    It is one of the best provinces in this country with mining jobs in Canada for foreigners. It has a long history of natural resources along with a vast range of metals and raw materials. This province provides mineral goods on the international level. It also has offices of 700 mineral firms. It is a major attraction to mining exploration companies.

    In terms of supply chain, it holds the largest supplier’s place, relating to the mining industry. Due to which it produces a large number of jobs in this field. The ores which are found in this province are gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, gypsum, and limestone. 


    It is one of the wealthiest provinces of Canada in terms of possessing the minerals. This industry is quite old in Ontario and has relevant historic importance. People have been indulging in mining processes over there for a long period of time. In the present-day scenario, Ontario holds a multi-million dollar mining industry, which provides a large amount of mining jobs in Canada.

    Some of the main minerals subtracted and supplied to the world from this place are manganese, cobalt, carbon, platinum, zinc, silver, iodine, etc. That is why many investors look forward to Ontario as a thriving mining industry, as a result of this many new job opportunities are created here. 

    Different Mining Jobs in Canada

    There are many jobs available here for people who are looking for jobs in the mining sector. These jobs are categorized on the basis of the states. 

    ProvinceSalary Position
    Quebec$28 hourlyDriller- surface mine
    $22-39 hourly Mining Technician 
    $80 hourlyBiofuels Production Manager
    British Columbia $27 hourlyLabourer-Mine
    $35 hourlyDriller, Surface Mine
    $37 hourlyHydrographic Survey Technician 
    $25.50 hourlyDriller helper, Surface Mine
    Ontario$80,000 annually Mining equipment sales engineer
    $115,010 annuallyManager, Mine
    $140,000 annuallyDirector of Mining 
    $27.10 hourlyLog Analyst

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