How to Apply for PNP Canada? All You Need to Know


Settling in Canada can be made easy through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) as it will help you go through the process of settling in a specific province. Under the Provincial Nominee Program, provinces and territories of Canada can nominate individuals for Canadian permanent residency.  

Whichever place you want to settle in Canada, apply for that particular place. In this blog, we are broadly going to mention how to apply for PNP Canada. PNP is a program that allows people to migrate to a particular province or state of Canada.

What is PNP?

Are you willing to immigrate to a particular province of Canada? If yes, then you should be applying through the Provincial Nominee Program as it helps you settle in Canada if you have connections to a particular province.  

Before you apply make sure that you have the required skills and knowledge to grab the job or employment opportunity in that province. Once you are eligible as per the given parameter then the government of the related province/territory will evaluate whether you fulfill their job market requirements or not. 

If the province for which you have applied finds that your profile is eligible for employment in their territory then it will provide you with the information about the further steps.  

Note: Once your application gets approval from the respective province or territory then you need to apply for permanent residence within the allotted time. 

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How to Apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program is further divided into two sub-categories, these are:

  1. Non-Express Entry Process
  2. Express Entry Process

Processing time if you apply through:

  • Express Entry program – 7 months
  • Non-Express Entry – 13 months

1. Apply for Canada PR via Non-Express Entry Process

This process can be followed in three easy steps which are: 

  1. check your eligibility
  2. get a nomination 
  3. then finally apply for permanent residence.  

The selection process may differ from one province to the other.

Note: The province of Quebec chooses its immigrants. If you want to seek your abode there then contact our reputed consultants.

2.  Apply for Canada PR via Express Entry System

There are further two steps to apply for Express Entry system:

Step 1- You can apply for a nomination by contacting the province and hence apply for nomination under the Express Entry system. In case you receive a positive response from the province or territory to nominate you then you can create an Express Entry profile or update your existing profile. 

Step 2- In this option, you create an Express Entry profile and mention the territories or provinces that are attractive to you or you are interested in. In return, if you receive the ‘notification of interest’ then you are eligible to contact them and then apply through the Entry Express system. 

Documents Required

Given below is the list of the documents which is required for the Provincial Nominee Program:

Canada offers more than 80 different PNPs which carry individual eligibility requirements. Most PNPs require the applicants to have some connection to the respective province. In this blog post, we have covered all the important information related to PNP thoroughly which will guide you through the process.

The applicant either must have worked in the province or have completed their studies in it. This makes the credentials strong enough to get a chance to receive permanent residence there. Apart from that, if the applicant has a job offer from an employer in that province then also their chances to get selected increase. 


To wrap up these words, it can be stated that, when you apply for PNP Canada you get the chance to immigrate to a specific province of Canada. We have covered all the topics related to PNP above. Apart from that if you have any queries then you can contact our expert consultants at Talent Connected Worldwide.

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