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No matter which country you live in, you will always see that the reputation of having a government job is more than having a private job. Getting a government job in Canada is quite similar in this case too. Also, working with the Canadian government could bestow you with the knowledge of and keep you updated on new policies or services coming up. Moreover, you can also use Job Bank Canada to search government of Canada jobs and find the right one according to your needs! All you have to do for that is have some patience when looking for work, be persistent and don’t think of giving up. You will get the job if you have the right skills, so believe in yourself!

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Government of Canada Jobs

It is no doubt that you will take some time to secure a Government of Canada job but that also doesn’t mean the task is mission impossible. Actually, if you just keep a bit of patience, have some perseverance and know the right tricks and tips, you are sure to get the dream job that you always wanted! 

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So, let’s start by checking out some easy to follow steps on how to get a Canada Government job! 

Steps to get a Government of Canada Jobs

  1. Apply to a job
  2. GC Jobs Account
  3. Written test or Interview?
  4. Reference to the Manager
  5. Check for Updates 

1. Apply to a Job

Do some thorough research and find the suitable job that you deem fit. 

2. GC Jobs Account

Now, open your GC Jobs account and look around to see if you have been screened in. 

3. Written test or Interview?

If your employer requires you to give a written test, give that. In case they require you to go through an interview, prepare yourself for an interview. 

4. Reference to the Manager

Now, give reference to the manager and after that, you are required to go through the screening process. 

5. Check for Updates

Once you are done with these steps, go to your GC Jobs account and check for any updates. You can also look through your mail for this. 

What else can you do to secure a Canada Government job? Check out some cool tips below! 

Tips to Secure the RIGHT Government Jobs in Canada

1. Research! Research! Thorough Research!

The importance of research cannot be stressed enough. The more you research the more likely you are to be informed about the various federal departments and agencies of Canada. From those agencies you can then decide which one is the right one. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA),  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are some famous government agencies to work in. 

2. Meeting Qualifications

Obviously since it’s about government of Canada jobs, the candidate applying for the job needs to be qualified properly. They need to pass the specific education and experience requirements to be eligible for the job. 

3. A Resume Shining Like a Diamond!

If you want to secure a high position job then you must understand that your resume needs to be on par with the quality level as well. Decorate your resume and cover letter in a way that highlights your work experience, education, and relevant skills so your employer is easily impressed and entranced by it. 

4. Prepare for Interviews

It’s important to prepare yourself for the selection process. The selection process could be a bit exhausting so you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically accordingly. 

5. Enhance Your Skills

Work on the relevant skills that your job needs. If you are intermediate in one skill, try to excel in it to ensure you get that government job! 

6. Networking is Important

Yes, networking is quite important and you should take it seriously. Reach out for guidance and look for mentors in your field of work. They have years of experience and hence know better about the path that you just started to walk on. 

7. Don’t Forget to Follow-Up!

After you have applied for a job, never forget to follow up! It’s one foolish mistake that many make. Keep yourself up to date with incoming emails and always keep an eye out for news from the agency you applied in. 

Types of Government of Canada Jobs

The ways by which you can get hired into the federal public service are:

  • Term/Casual: Shorter employment opportunities which lasts commonly 90 days or less)
  • Indeterminate: Permanent employment 

So, now that you have come to know about how to get Government of Canada jobs we are sure that you will be able to secure one for yourself without much difficulty!

Let us know in the comments below if you got a job or not! We would love to hear from you! 

How to get government jobs in Canada?

Follow the steps below to get a government job in Canada! 
– Apply to a job
– GC Jobs Account
– Written test or Interview?
– Reference to the Manager
– Check for Updates

Which jobs are in demand in Canada?

Some of the most in demand jobs in Canada are in industries such as in healthcare, tech, transport, and agriculture as of current market trends in Canada.

Are bilingual skills necessary for government jobs in Canada?

Canada is a country that promotes bilingualism. Since there are two official languages of Canada, it is quite understandable that the government jobs also value those who know both languages. So, if you are bilingual that’s a very good thing for you. But if you are not, no worries, there are several other jobs available that don’t require the knowledge of both languages.

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