Is it Worth Moving From Dubai to Canada?

Have you thought about Moving Canada from Dubai? Still confused! So, We will clear your Confusion by telling you Whether moving from Dubai to Canada and getting Canadian citizenship is worth it or not. One of the Middle East’s cities with the fastest growth rates continues to be Dubai. This is due to the city’s supportive business climate and highly qualified workforce.

However, a lot of skilled workers and business owners from Dubai have recently immigrated to Canada. These individuals selected Canada because of its superior standard of living, secure economy, and diversified communities.

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Reasons for Moving to Canada from Dubai 

1. Security in Immigration:

When it comes to giving citizenship to persons who weren’t born in the nation, the UAE is extremely strict. Currently, In order to become a citizen an outsider must live in the country for 30 years.

Meanwhile, foreign nationals who have been granted permanent residency in Canada are able to do so visa-free and will be granted Canadian citizenship after only five years.

2. The cost of living:

Dubai has a very high cost of living due to its reputation as a luxury city. Rent typically consumes a sizable amount of the monthly income of people who live in cities.

However, The cost of living is significantly lower for immigrants in Canada. While the cost of living can be high in large cities like Toronto and Vancouver, it is far less expensive to live in smaller cities and villages.

3. Quality of Life:

The quality of life in Dubai may seem comparable to that of many developed nations. But balancing work and life can be challenging for many professionals. 

But, People in Canada enjoy a similar level of life, but with extra benefits like paid time off and vacation days in Canada. 

4. Employment Possibilities:

In Canada people have many employment opportunities from all backgrounds. On the other hand, In Dubai foreign nationals from the third world are frequently forced into labor-intensive or service industry positions.

5. Weather:

It can be very hot in Dubai. Many people can’t handle this weather who belong to cold region. Whereas, Canada is comparatively colder than Dubai. However,  If you live in areas like Southern Ontario or British Columbia it is actually mild.

6. Free Medical Care:

The Canadian government provides free healthcare to citizens and permanent residents. In other situations, Canadians get discounts on medicinal products and medical services. The healthcare system in Dubai is much less welcoming to immigrants. Health insurance is often provided by companies to city workers. However, if they lose their work, they no longer have this insurance.

7. Independence to Launch a Business:

It is relatively simple for immigrants to start new business in Canada due to its business-friendly climate. Whereas, These immigrants would have to go through a lengthy and expensive process in order to obtain a license and start a business in Dubai.

8. Free Education:

The Canadian government provides free public education up to 12th grade while Dubai has no free schooling system and its annual tuition fees are comparatively expensive.

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