In Depth: Investment Banking Jobs in Canada

investment banking jobs in canada

The act of raising capital for companies, either through the selling of equity or by the issue of debt. It also includes tasks of managing, giving advice, and other corporate finance services that may  fall under this category. There are not one but many investment banking jobs in Canada. 

Some smaller companies or firms may even not have particular investment bankers, so this important role may also be handled by the finance department.

Investment bankers should have a brillant understanding of the investment climate, along with knowledge of investment vehicles. The duty of an investment banker is to maximize investment returns. 

Investment banking is also known as i-Banking, and is one of the best positions in the field of financial service positions. 

Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

Numerous duties and responsibilities are carried out by an investment banker. Out of them, some are listed below:

  • They perform many valuation methods, such as precedents, comparable companies, DCF.
  • They develop suggestions for mergers, valuations, private equity, transactions, and acquisitions. 
  • Investment bankers perform research, analysis, and documentation of transactions.
  • Creation and development of several kinds of financial models value equity for mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising transactions.
  • They create presentations of portfolios for clients.
  • They develop relationships with existing as well as new clients to help spread the business.

Skills of an Investment Banker

Down below, we have listed some skills, education and knowledge needed of an investment banker.

  1. Bachelor’s degree- Analyst position
  2. MBA- Associate position
  3. Associate position- three or more years of experience
  1. Should have the ability to organize and track tasks, and assignments, with regular priority changes
  2. Should have strong networking skills as well as communication skills.
  3. They should have financial modeling skills as well.
  4. They should be able to work in a team-based environment, and can usually work independently.
  5. They should have proficiency in Microsoft Office products. 
  6. Should know deal structure and closing principals. 
  7. Possess through research, analytical skills, and quantitative skills.

What are Investment Banking Jobs in Canada?

Several companies in Canada have demands for investment bankers. As we discussed above, we got to know and understand the value of investment bankers. Hence, isn’t it clearer to you now that we absolutely do need investment bankers. 

Many firms like InventCan Corp., Alvarez and Marsal, Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc, and more more companies and firms are in need of investment bankers. 

On an average, an investment banker in Canada can make up to $82, 540 a year. This means they make around $20 an hour, and $202 a day. We would call these numbers good. So, if you are someone wondering about what is the average income of an investment banker, then you have all the answers above. 

In the above blog, we discussed and understood the work of an investment banker, their responsibilities, their duties, their education needed, skills needed and what jobs are available for them along with their salaries.

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