Investment Banking Operations Jobs in Canada

Investment Banking Operations Jobs in Canada

In the following article, we will try to clarify some points such as understanding investment banking operations jobs in Canada, what are the skills required to become one, what role, responsibilities and duties are involved in investment banking, and how much does an investment banking operations make in Canada. 

Special fields like providing services for corporations and governments are basically handled by an investment bank. The services focus on issuing stocks of companies on public exchanges, and some other tasks as well. 

Upon taking the case of Canada, we find that some banks such as the National Bank, Scotiabank, BMO, Desjardins, RBC, and TD Canada Trust are a few banks that offer investment banking operations services. However, the list doesn’t end here. Among the banks mentioned here, there are many more that provide the same services to their clients and companies. Did you know, boutique banks such as Capital Canada Limited, Blair Franklin Capital Partners, and Evans & Evans, are only a few of many to name when it comes to providing these investment banking operations services. 

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Skills Required for Investment Banking Operations

The tasks of investment banking operations are carried out by an investment banker. These bankers are advisors in the financial field as well as analysts. Investment bankers provide all kinds of services related to investment banking operations. Although the responsibilities of an investment banker vary, the skills of an investment banker in any job or bank is almost the same. Below, we will list some of the skills that are required to be an investment banker. 

  • They conduct research and analysis for the finance industry. 
  • Investment bankers in any bank have to draft the prospectuses. 
  • Bankers in the field of investment also advise corporate mergers and acquisitions. 
  • They evaluate as well as develop chances and opportunities related to business for their corporate clients. 
  • Investment bankers conduct investigations with due diligence and interest. 
  • They need to develop presentations for their clients, marketing materials, client proposals, and financial models.

Role of Investment Banking Operations

The role, duties and responsibilities of an investment analyst is provided right below, however they are not all the duties. As an investment banker analyst, you would be expected to carry out more than these duties.

  • They should be able to maintain system patches.
  • Analysts can offer direct support to clients, assessors, and engineers to make sure the services are timely delivered. 
  •  They apply different operations such as optimization, new financing, and hedging strategies to transactions based on the needs of clients. 
  • They lead daily management of projects, and oversee performance of financial as well as advisory transactions.
  • There are some detailed strategy ideas that are taken from analysis, business plans, forecasts, and research into presentations for clients. This role is also performed by investment bankers. 
  • Investment analysts participate in many marketing activities as well as recruiting activities of the company or the firm.

We have tried to list some of the responsibilities of an investment analyst. We hope it has been helpful to you.

Jobs in Canada for Investment Banking Operations

Individuals looking for jobs in Canada for investment banking operations are going to have no problem in job search. This job is such a valuable one that almost any bank out there in Canada is looking for investment bankers. 

Banks such as Agentis Capital, BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank, InventCan Corp., Osprey Capital Partners, ComCap LLC and many, many more banks are looking for investment banking analysts.

Annual Income of Investment Banking Operations in Canada

Now that we have discussed several investment banking operations related topics, why don’t we tackle the last topic of this blog. Would you like to know what is the average salary or income of an investment analyst in the financial field? Let’s know then! 

On an average, an investment banking analyst may earn around $70,000 in a year. Remember that this is just an average income. The income may range from $24,144 for new analysts in the field to $150,283 for the most experienced workers.  

This article has been written with the intention of providing you with the knowledge regarding investment banking operations. We hope that these words have been knowledgeable to you. To recapitulate, we read about skills required to become an investment banker, roles and responsibilities of an investment analyst, which jobs are available in this field and what is the expected salary of an investment analyst. 

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