How Is Nova Scotia for Residence?

How is Nova Scotia for residence? Is this question also roaming in your mind? Then you are in the right place. Here you will find some reasons to live in Nova Scotia that help you to find Is Nova Scotia a good place to live for immigrants? So, let’s get started!

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Know 10 Reasons on How is Nova Scotia for Residence

1. Affordable Housing Costs:

Housing prices in Nova Scotia are actually affordable, especially when compared to Vancouver, where we moved from. The average housing cost in Nova Scotia is approx 4,12,000 Canadian dollars.

2. Skilled Workforce:

Nova Scotia has a workforce that is highly competent and educated. The province is home to more than ten universities and thirteen community college campuses that cultivate talent in a variety of professions. In fact, Nova Scotia boasts more university students and graduates per capita in Canada than any other province. 

You’ll be able to locate skilled experts to join your team thanks to a broad pool of motivated individuals eager to share their skills and expertise. Furthermore, because there is less rivalry for competent professionals in rural areas than in urban areas, acquiring and retaining top personnel becomes more possible.

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3. Natural Beauty:

Nova Scotia is Canada’s ocean playground; it’s even written on our license plates! Nova Scotia, with over 13,000 km of magnificent coastline, provides easy access to stunning beaches, coastal paths, and adventurous paddling excursions right on your doorstep. 

Nature’s calm not only improves your working and living environment, but it also attracts tourists and visitors. By relying on natural beauty, your company can create a distinct selling advantage that distinguishes it from urban competition.

4. Economic Diversification:

Nova Scotia has a varied economy that relies on a variety of industries. The province provides a variety of prospects for entrepreneurs, ranging from traditional areas such as agriculture, fishing, and tourism to developing businesses such as renewable energy and technology. 

Therefore, this economic diversity allows for plenty of opportunities for collaboration, cross-industry alliances, and market expansion. By locating your company in rural Nova Scotia, you will be able to tap into this unique ecosystem and benefit from its resilience and adaptability.

5. Innovative Mindset:

Nova Scotia is a hotspot of innovation. The province encourages an entrepreneurial spirit by fostering new ideas and business enterprises. From technical developments to sustainable practices, rural Nova Scotia is at the forefront of fresh approaches. 

6. Nearby Places to Visit:

Hiking is one of the best things to do on a sunny day. In Halifax, you don’t have to travel far to feel disconnected from the city. The Bluff Trails, Hemlock Ravine Park, Salt Marsh Trail, and Point Pleasant Park are some of the best places to explore. The best aspect is that they are all either in the city or only a few minutes drive away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people relocate to Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotians have the “best of both worlds” lifestyle, surrounded by magnificent landscape, pure air, and wide ocean spaces, while also benefiting from a strong economy. The province is well-known for its high tides, lobsters, fish, and blueberries, which are ideal for an antioxidant-rich diet.

2. Is the cost of living in Nova Scotia low?

It has a 16% cheaper cost of living than the national average. In comparison to other Canadian provinces such as Ontario or British Columbia, Nova Scotia is a low-cost place to live. It is classified as the fourth cheapest province and has a low cost of living.

3. Is it simple to obtain PR in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities also chooses individuals from the Express Entry pool directly. Because this stream frequently welcomes profiles with no ties to the province, it is regarded as one of the easiest PNPs for international applicants to obtain PR.

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