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What is Startup Visa Canada?

Entrepreneurship empowers people these days. For international company owners, the Startup Visa Canada processing time process (SUV) presents special immigration prospects. This process could be used to establish startups and creative company owners to get permanent residence in Canada.

Up to five of a startup’s original partners may become Canadian residents under this scheme. Start-up visa Canada processing time may take longer, but it is worth waiting for. It is the best immigration alternative offered to immigrant business owners.


Startup Visa Requirements

There are four requirements, applicants need to fulfill to meet the criteria of a start-up visa in Canada:

1. Must have a Qualifying Business

An applicant must have a minimum of 10% voting rights connected to all of the company’s shares. The Company must have at least 50% of the voting rights when combined with the authorized organization connected to all of the company’s shares.

When a permanent visa is being granted to the candidate, he/she must be continuously managing their business within Canada. Also if your start-up visa Canada processing time is taking long you can apply for a Canada temporary work permit to enter the country and commence your business.

2. Assistance from a Designated Organization
  • Capable of showing support for an organization.
  • Venture capital funds, company incubators, or angel investor organizations should show support.
  • To propose a business strategy to the corporation.
  • Must be persuaded by the business concepts support.
  • Varying pitching techniques.
  • If the concept is accepted, support should be provided.
  • The start-up visa application must have this letter.

An authorized organization is a corporate group entitled to contribute to, or assist and ensure development in Canada under the Start-up Visa Canada processing time Program. If further business data is needed to make a final decision on the application, it could be requested.

3. Fulfill the language criteria

• Attend a language test offered by an authorized organization
•  The four examined abilities are required to fulfill the minimal Canadian Level Benchmarks (CLB) 5 either in French or English

4. Funds Proof

• Enough funds to support you financially when you are in Canada
• The money needed will be based on the number of members of the family

Every year, the proof of funding required is revised. Proof of funds demonstrating that you possess enough resources to sustain yourself and your family while in Canada must be provided at the point of application. Remember that you cannot borrow this money from anybody else, according to the IRCC.

Start-up visa Canada Processing Time

Start-up visa Canada processing time can be changed, based on the IRCC workload. According to the IRCC currently, the processing time for a Start-up visa is between 12 to 17 months after the submission of the application form.

Startup Visa Program

Business owners have the possibility to move to Canada under the start-up visa Canada processing time program in order to launch a new venture. Immigrant company owners must show that their venture is inventive, will generate new employment for Canadians, and is capable of competing on a global level. But your start-up visa processing time may take long or can be completed on time too, if your documentation process is in the right hands.

How to get Startup Visa in Canada?

Steps to apply for a Canada start-up visa and faster Start-up visa Canada processing time are as follows:

1. Receive your application Kit: This contains a document’s guidelines and a user manual.

2. Fill in the Application form: You must use your computer to complete the Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008]. To verify that all fields are done properly, click “Validate.” Print the application that has been verified. Make sure you receive your encoded data via the proper barcodes. Where indicated, please sign and date the form.

3. Collect all the supporting documents: According to the Document Checklist’s suggested order. Get the checklist print, attest it, and attach it to the application’s cover page. Put your papers inside a sealed envelope.

4. Pay the required fees: These includes the procedural expenses, the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF), and the costs associated with biometrics for you and everyone included in the application. Although the registration costs can be paid without the RPRF, doing so is advised to prevent further delays.

Before you may become a permanent resident of Canada, the RPRF must be paid. A physical check, police clearances, and language tests contain additional charges. Biometrics costs must typically be paid at the moment an application is submitted. The cost of taking a digital picture and getting fingerprints is covered by the biometrics charge.

5. Submit the Application form: It is submitted via courier or mail.

Success Rate

Business owners will be able to expand the company in Canada if your Startup visa registration is in the correct hands, all standards are met, and the required paperwork is submitted. According to IRCC, the SUV program has a success rate overall of more than 75%.

Based on the type of business setup, the authorization cost varies although the Start-up visa Canada processing time remains the same:

  • 78% of startups are helped by incubators for small businesses. 
  • 80% of businesses are sponsored by networks of angel investors
  • 43% are helped by venture capital funds

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