Moving to Canada from India and other countries in 2022!

Move to Canada from India and Other Countries

Moving to a foreign country is a huge task. You not only simply change the place, there’s a whole new level of transformation in moving from one country to another. The same is for moving to Canada. If you will be moving to Canada from any of the countries, there will be a huge difference you will witness after your arrival. Some of these differences will be different lifestyles, cultures, languages, climates, and daily routines. Moving to Canada from India is the same. In this blog, we will discuss different aspects of life after moving to Canada.

Moving to Canada from India

In this section, we will discuss ways of moving to Canada from India. The Canadian government offers several immigration programs for immigrants from all over the world. These pathways are 

These are different pathways through which one can apply for PR. First thing first, you won’t get the PR easily by just applying. You need to fulfill the requirements of the program you are applying for the PR. Express Entry is one of the most well known among the mentioned programs, and also the fastest way to Canada PR. You might be wondering about life there, and all the changes. In reality, there are thousands of immigrants in Canada from all over the world. Immigrants facing war crisis, internal politics and refugees, all have received the home they were seeking. This means Canada is full of opportunities and offers whole new experiences for the immigrants. 

  • Express Entry– in Express Entry, you need to create your profile and on the basis of the information provided, you will receive the CRS points. If you will get enough CRS points, then you might get ITA for the PR
  • PNP– Provincial Nominee Program is province centric. Under this program the province nominates the immigrant or applicant on the basis of the province’s workforce, labour and economy requirements. If you are applying for Canada PR through Express Entry, a provincial nomination will get you additional 600 CRS points which will make your way totally easy for the PR.
  • Family Sponsorship– moving to Canada from India will still be easy if you have a blood relative in Canada who holds a Canadian PR or citizenship. If an individual has PR then he or she can sponsor their family member too.
  • Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway – currently one cannot apply for this pathway. It was closed on Nov 5 2021 and now there’s no way one can apply for it.

Is moving to Canada worth it

Is moving to Canada worth it? Every individual planning to do so, must have asked himself this question. Moving to Canada from India is definitely worth it. Canada  gives PR to thousands of immigrants every year. These immigrants are from different countries, different cultures and different regions. Health, education and employment are the primary needs for any individual. The Canadian government provides the best healthcare system for its citizens and permanent residents. It is one of the popular countries known for the equality in the health care system. Additionally, Canada provides the best education in public schools for every kid. With less fees and high quality education, the government is serving the citizens in the best way possible. This will be beneficial for your kids if you want to give them the best and pocket friendly education. To support the economy, Canada offers PR to thousands of immigrants every year. This is an indication of the plethora of opportunities for immigrants in Canada. 

Cost of Moving to Canada 

Reaching your new home with no money is quite problematic, isn’t it? Moving to Canada from India does require a bit of money. The application process must include settlement funds or the total amount of money you require. An individual should have about $16,000 CAD minimum. For a couple, it is near about 22k CAD and for a couple with 1 or 2 children, it should be between 23k to 30k CAD.

Moving to Canada requirements

Moving to Canada from India doesn’t require any special attributes. There are basic things which one should have before moving or immigrating to any country. One needs to know and have a good grip on the language of the region. French and English are the official languages of Canada. Thus, you need to have an IELTS test result with better grades. You need to have work experience, a job offer and a police certificate  too. Applicants should have education qualification and at last one needs to have enough settlement funds. It is an essential requirement before moving to Canada from India.

If you are an immigrant or someone who is planning to move to Canada from India then for better understanding, you should contact or take the advice of the best and authorized Immigration consultant in India. Their guidance will help you to understand things more better and in more detail.

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